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Webcams Can Take down the Internet, Says Online Hijackers

Webcams Can Take down the Internet, Says Online Hijackers

China is in hot waters once again as one of their technology firms had been questioned for the widespread of cyber-attacks on several websites in the United States recently. Surveillance cameras known to be manufactured by this Chines company were used by unknown hackers to distribute a DDoS attack on many websites in the United States.

Webcams Can Take down the Internet, Says Online Hijackers
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Hangzhou Xiongmai is the company that owns these CCTV devices which were allegedly used by the tech junkies to sabotage many web portals of various US organizations and businesses. The hackers employed a certain malware called Mirai to execute this attack. Xiongmai did not provide the exact number of products which her affected by the bug. They only said that items which had been made before the month of September of 2015 are very likely to have been infected. They issued a recall for all these questionable items and released an update for its corresponding software.

This type of cyber-attack gives the impression that mad computer geniuses can easily muster an entire back of hardware devices to disturb the Internet and largely impair the operations of many organizations which conduct most transactions online. Mirai was able to take down even the most famous of social networking and news sites like CCN and Twitter.

The Internet of Things, or briefly referred to as IoT, is a technological trend wherein all hardware devices will be connected to each other in a network using special types of infrastructure and software scripting so that they can exchange useful data that helps them to perform their function very well. The Mirai malware is a great obstruction to this technological ambition. Xiongmai industries suffered much because of this catastrophic bug.

Mirai began its conquest in the eastern coast of the United States where it stormed the entire web with a swarm of counterfeit traffic which crippled the servers of their targeted websites causing them to crash. It rendered the portals unavailable. It raided the most well-known sites in that area during the previous week. After that, it headed to the West to bring its wreckage there as well.

A provider of domain name services in the United States had also reported having been hit by this malware. Authorities in the U.S. government immediately began investigations, but the criminals still were not identified. This online disaster had already reached the awareness of the Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company justifies that their products were easily infected by the malware because it operated on old, perhaps outdated, firmware. They recommend that users of their products should also update their firmware and change their login details.

These malware attacks on IoT’s are expected to increase in number. The good thing, however, is that DDoS do not steal important information from users account. But it can still create the anxiety across the entire online community.

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