November 25, 2016 Watch Sky Go Abroad

Watch Sky Go Abroad – 4 Simple and Easy Steps to Watch

Sky Go is one of the most popular TV shows in the United Kingdom. However, the service is available to clients who are in the United Kingdom. If you attempt to access the service when you are outside the United Kingdom, you will receive an error message. The main reason as to why the service restricts its content to the United Kingdom is related to agreements. Content owners do not allow Sky Go to stream the content to clients who are outside the United Kingdom. However, thanks to the power of VPN, you can successfully watch Sky Go abroad or outside United Kingdom.

Watch Sky Go Abroad
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4 Simple Steps to Watch Sky Go Abroad

Here is a detailed process of how you can watch Sky Go abroad:

Step one: choose a VPN service

There are hundreds of VPN services currently in the market. A large number of VPN services in the market means that you need to be careful when choosing the most appropriate service that you can use. Primarily, all VPN services help you to overcome geo-restrictions and unblock websites from any location. However, all the services have specific features that distinguish them. Therefore, you need to check several things before you settle on a VPN service.

Some of the things you need to check when choosing a VPN service include the reputation of the service, the number of servers that the service has and its network strength. You also need to compare the prices of the services since different services charge varying prices for their services. These factors will help you to choose a service that suits your personal needs.

Step two: sign up for your service of choice

Once you choose a particular VPN service to use, you will have to sign up for the service. The process of signing up for a VPN service is usually quite simple and straightforward. You will have to provide your email address. You will also have to choose a specific pricing plan of the service that you intend to use.

Some VPN services offer their new clients a free one-month trial period. If this is the case, you will have to use the service for a month before you pay for a specific pricing plan of your choice.

Step three: installing the VPN service on your device

You will now have to install the VPN service on your device at this stage. Remember that all VPN services have specific system requirements. The requirements are normally regarding processor speed, storage space and even the operating system. Therefore, do not forget to check if your device meets the basic technical requirements for the VPN service of your choice to operate successfully.

Once you download the software programs of your VPN service, you will have to proceed and install the software on your device. In general, it is easy to install the software of many VPN services. However, in other cases, you may need technical knowledge to successfully install some VPN services on your device. However, top VPN services offer their clients support services.  If you run into problems when installing a VPN service on your device, you may have to contact the client support team for help.

Step four: change your preferred location to the United Kingdom

You can use your preferred location on your VPN service to access any website in the world. The idea is to choose servers in a country in which you would like to access websites. For example, if you which to access websites that are in the United States, you will have to use servers that are in the United States. Therefore, you will have to change your location to show that you are in the United States. This way, you will use a US IP address to access the content.

In this case, you will have to use servers that are in the United Kingdom. Once you choose the United Kingdom as your preferred location, you will get a UK IP address. You will then use the IP address to watch Sky Go when you are outside the United Kingdom.


In conclusion, you can use these steps to watch Sky Go abroad successfully. The idea is to use the online anonymity feature of a VPN service to overcome geo-restrictions and watch content from anywhere in the world. The most important tithing to remember is to change your preferred location to the UK in order to get a UK IP address.

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