March 12, 2017 Watch Netflix on Linux

Four Ways to Watch Netflix on Linux – A New Solution!

The Linux Netflix relationship has been the subject of many discussion forums for a while now. This is because most people are not able to watch Netflix on Linux. While Netflix has not released an official app for the Linux operating system, who says you can’t have fun?

Watch Netflix on Linux
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Chrome Browser

You can now access Netflix on Linux using the google chrome browser. Although google had only released Mac and Windows versions of its operating system, it now has one that runs on the Linux operating system. You can use this browser to enjoy shows on Netflix with ease.

The advantage that google chrome has over the other types of browsers is the size of the ecosystem built around it. Not only do you get a stable browser built on the experience and capabilities of google, you also get one that is heavily supported by many plugins. You can watch just about any type of video streaming service with this browser. Most video streaming services have plugins that can be used with the browser at no extra cost. The only downside noted with the chrome browser is that it is heavy on the computer resources. It does a lot of background activities which make it in need of impressive computer resources.

Pipelight Plugin

Being able to watch Netflix on Linux may be as simple as using the Pipelight plugin on your Linux computer. This plugin is derived from the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which is common with watching videos with streaming services. With Silverlight available for all major browsers, you can be sure to catch up with the videos of your choice on Netflix.

With the popularity of plugins for web browsers that allow you to watch videos, you need one standard to rule them all. One way of doing so is through the use of Pipelight. Being a derivative of Silverlight, Pipelight works with all types of video plugins including Silverlight, Flash, Unity Web Player and Shockwave. While this option is one of the best, you may want to know that running Pipelight requires Wine since it is natively a Windows program. Unless you want to include this compatibility app, you might consider avoiding this one.

Widevine Plugin

You may also access Netflix on Linux using the Widevine plugin. Widevine replaces both Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash on HTML5 browsers in playing DRM video files. It is only executable through the google chrome browser. However, with a few modifications, the plugin can run on the open source iteration of the google chrome browser called (chromium) for you to enjoy Netflix.

The biggest advantage you enjoy with the Widevine plugin is that you can use it whether you have a Chromium or Firefox browser. Better yet, you can use it with the freedom that is the symbol of the Linux operating system. On the Chrome browser in other operating systems, you can use the plugin but not on another browser. The downside of using this plugin is that it does not have guaranteed to work on your device. It is based on being created to work on Linux by the free community. If, however, it does not work, it will leave you mad for missing an episode.

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines also present a unique way to watch Netflix on Linux. A virtual machine allows you to run the whole operating system of your choice is it MacOS or Windows. In this way, you can run the piece of software you want from your Linux computer. You can thus run the browser of your choice from the virtual machine. All the resources of the operating system will be at your disposal. Simply run the Netflix service as you please.

The biggest advantage of using a virtual machine is that you have at your disposal two powerful operating systems. Besides enjoying Netflix shows, you can easily use any other app you want from any operating system. There are two inhibitions to using a virtual machine. They both focus on the resources of the computer. First, your computer should support virtual machines. With most modern computers able to support this feature, there is not a reason to be concerned with. Secondly, the computer should have enough memory (RAM and ROM) to run another operating system from a virtual machine.

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