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VPN Buying Guide – A Comprehensive and Detailed Guide

VPN buying guide
VPN buying guide
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While the use of VPN is becoming popular among the internet users who values their online anonymity and privacy, there has been a significant rise of VPN service providers. All the VPN service providers present in the market are not equal. In simple words, various VPN services vary at different levels regarding features and affordability. In this VPN buying guide, we have focused our attention on the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a VPN.

We have also arranged different features in the order of their importance. However, you can prioritize them according to your needs:

Comprehensive VPN Buying Guide

1 – Keeping and Maintaining of Logs

Now the first thing that we use the VPN for is our anonymity and privacy. So in our opinion, those VPN’s who does not maintain logs at all or keeps a minimal amount of records for a short period are the best.

If a VPN provider keeps records, then it might be forced to provide them to the local authorities, and trust me they do not offer any resistance in this regard. So, the VPN service provider who does not maintain any logs is the best. In an event where servers of VPN gets confiscated, they would not end up compromising their user’s anonymity and privacy. Ttrust me there had instances when servers were seized in the past.

2 – Other Commitments of VPN towards User’s Privacy

Maintaining no logs is the best for user’s privacy, but there are several other factors which are also crucial for the privacy of the user.

  • Destruction of the payment and billing details as soon as the payment is complete and, assigning a random user ID to the user for account management purposes. Whereas some VPN providers do the same as above while, some store the information for later use.
  • The method of Payment? Payment via Bitcoin is the best method of payment as we know that Bitcoin is a form of digital currency and hence untraceable, and also the use of disposable email address for any other purposes. This way the user could remain close to one-hundred percent anonymous and untraceable. This may seem too overrated for some However, we think this is best to ensure the user’s anonymity.
  • The lesser the information required by the VPN at the time of registration, the better.

3 – Location of Servers

The larger the spread of servers of a VPN provider the better. Because in a case where the user wants to access Netflix outside School then he will need a US based server. In such type of cases, the user will need server located in the same country where the service is based. So, in as many countries the VPN provider has servers located the better.

4 – Is P2P and Use of Torrent Permitted?

While every user will not be equally concerned towards the use of torrent and P2P transfer but for some, it is the main reason for using a VPN. In fact, the most important factor that they are using a VPN. The essential element here is the location of the VPN provider and its server location.

5 – Ease to Set-up, Use, and Support

Some VPN providers offer easy to setup client while some need manual configuration. The rest of the configuration and use of the VPN also plays an important role. Moreover, the after support for your device is also crucial in case you need it at a later stage regarding the use of VPN. These above factors should be kept in mind while buying a VPN.

6 – Cost

Price also plays an important role but the more the features provided by a VPN, the more the price of the VPN could be expected to be. Some VPN providers offer discounts when subscribed for many months so, the longer the period of subscription the lesser the price.

7 – Encryption and Protocols

The more the number of protocols supported the better, like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and P2P protocol. Encryption ranges from 128-bit to 256-bit encryption keys and different VPN providers support various levels of encryption.

8 – Customer Support

Reliable customer support is another factor in the case when things go sideways with the use of VPN. Hence, how the service provider prompt is in providing the required support to the user is also of importance.


Choosing the right VPN for you is a tedious task, and you are likely to make mistakes at different levels. You are advised to read the user reviews and customer experiences with a VPN provider before buying a VPN subscription. I hope the above VPN buying guide will also help you in finding the right VPN service for you.

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