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5 Methods To Use Multiple Security Layers

Use Multiple Security Layers

You need to protect yourself using multiple security layers. When you use multiple security layers, you keep your data and other details secure. However, you may find that the process to use multiple security layers is complicated.

Use Multiple Security Layers
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5 tips to use Multiple Security Layers

Here is a guide on how you can go about the process and ensure that you use multiple security layers:

  1. Use firewall

This is the first security measure you need to take if you want to protect yourself with multiple security layers. It prevents attackers from gaining access to your system, especially if combined with other security measures. When you use a firewall, the firewall gives some data packets access to your system while it denies access to some other packets. This is based on some rules and regulations that are designed to give your computer system maximum security.

All operating systems have built-in firewalls. Therefore, apart when you patch your operating software, you ensure that your firewall is up to date as well. These default firewalls usually swing into action the moment your operating system detects that you do not have an active antivirus program. When you download and install any standard antivirus program, the default firewall in your operating system switches off. Remember that top antivirus programs have in-built firewalls. Because many antivirus programs have such firewalls, it is easy for you to get the firewall protection when you use many of the standard antivirus programs.

  1. Use Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System

An Intrusion Detection System monitors your system to check its traffic for potential problems that may harm your network.  The simple operation of the IDS involves detecting some port scans or making to attempt to log in which may be due to activities of potential hackers.

In addition to the IDS, an Intrusion Prevention System should be used to complement the activities of the IDS to block any detected intrusion. Hence, IDS works to protect your system against any form of interference.

Using an IDS benefits you in several ways. First of all, it protects your privacy. In this age, many people are increasingly concerned with online privacy. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to use a system to protect one’s online privacy.

  1. Malware detection is important

Malware are very dangerous and can harm your device depending on the nature of the malware. The malware detection program will detect these harmful malware programs and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your system. To achieve its aim, the detector will subject any URL to proper scrutiny before launching it, or use some plug-ins to search the security of files before they are attached.

You will have to use different software programs to protect your device and personal data against malware attacks. For example, a basic antivirus program offers you protection against common malware types such as viruses and worms.

Some antivirus programs also protect you against spyware and other forms of malware programs. In certain cases, you may have to use specialized programs to protect you against specific malware programs. For example, you will have to use special anti-key logging programs to protect your device against key loggers.

  1. Keep your software updated

Updating your software is one of the best protection techniques you can use. Software programs that are up to date contain more security measures than an old version of the same program. Also, this will block loopholes that may result in a security breach and other unwanted cyber attacks.

It is easy to ensure that all your software programs are up to date. Often, you will get notifications that particular software would like to update. Always make sure that you allow the updating process to take place. At times, you may have to restart your device for specific updating processes to progress to completion. Do not ignore this advice. Always allow your machine to reboot every time that you see a message prompting you to restart it. Doing this will go a long way in protecting you against many types of malware.

  1. Physical security

This security technique is as important as others mentioned in this article. Great damage can be done to your business if criminals lay their hands on hard drives that contain confidential or financial information. Therefore, increase the security of your system by providing adequate physical security for it against theft and damage.


In conclusion, using multiple security layers means several things. You have to ensure that all your software programs are up to date. You also have to use a standard anti-malware program on all your devices. In addition to these, you need to ensure that your device is physically secure. These steps will go a long way in helping you to protect yourself with multiple security layers.

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