Use Google Services as Proxy Server to Download Files and By-pass Paywalls

Some websites such as social networks and administrative sites have been blocked from being accessed. If you need to access these sites, you can use Google services as proxy server in order to download files and bypass paywalls. Here, we explain two ways you can do this.

Use Google Services as Proxy Server to Download Files and By-pass Paywalls
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Using Google WebLight

Many people do not know of the Google WebLight service yet they use it almost daily. This service is used to optimize websites so that they can be viewed even on slow internet connections. This occurs especially when using a mobile device. Most desktop sites would be too heavy to be rendered on mobile devices and are thus optimized by Google WebLight. If you’ve used a mobile device to visit a website (who hasn’t?), then you have used Google WebLight.

We are, however, interested in using this service as a proxy server. Effectively, we are using Google WebLight as a Google proxy server. The steps to doing this are straightforward and anyone can do it without a hitch.

  • Copy the address http://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=http://domain.com to your clipboard.
  • Paste it into the address bar of your browser but don’t press enter just yet.
  • Locate the name domain at the address above. Replace it with the name of the site you desire to visit.
  • Press enter.
  • You are in!

While this method will display the mobile version of the website you wish to visit, it would have granted you access to the site anyway. You choose between using this service on your mobile device or desktop and will still see the same features of the site.

If you decide to use google services as proxy server, you are assured of visiting the site you desire although in a mobile version. With most sites having fully-functional mobile websites, you are assured to access all the features on the site.

Using Google Translate

Google Translate, as its name says, is used to translate website content to the desired language. Google has advanced its translation engines so much that you can now translate most English words into native tongues all over the world. It can translate even spoken words (and speaks back to you). It is this versatility of Google Translate that makes it one of the best services to use as a proxy server. Here, we deal with the steps of making it into a most potent server.

Steps involve to use Google services as proxy server

For this method to grant you access to blocked sites, the site should only be blocked by the administrator. If the ISP has been used to block it, sorry.

Follow the following steps;

  1. First, visit the Google Translate homepage to start your little trick. You can find the Translate page at this link or do a google search on Google Translate and click the first link with the Google domain name.
  2. You will be presented with two boxes with the source and destination languages. For the source language, pick on any other language but English. English should be your destination language. Or the source language, let’s pick on French. You can pick another language then choose the destination language to be the one you speak.
  3. In the source box, insert the URL of the site you wish to visit. Click on ‘translate’ to start the translation to your primary language. It sounds weird to translate a URL but if that is what it takes to access it, then yes we will.
  4. In the destination box, your site will be translated into the language of your choice and give you a clickable URL rather than a simple address. When you click on it, you will be able to access the site of your choice in your language (in this case English) but within Google Translate.
  5. Just like that, you will be able to access the site you have been barred from using. All your browsing sessions on this site will be within Google Translate. Again, this method will only work if the barring has been performed at the administrator level and not the ISP level.


If you use Google services as proxy server, you will access most sites hence be able to get the data you want. You are allowed to download any data from these sites. This is because your browsing sessions will be normal sessions without restrictions. In our tests of these methods, we ended up with great results on most sites we tried them on.

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