October 7, 2016 UnoTelly Smart DNS Review

UnoTelly Smart DNS Review

You can choose to use the VPN or the Smart DNS service of this company. In this Unotelly Smart DNS review, we focus on the Smart DNS business of UnoTelly. We review how UnoTelly Smart DNS performs concerning security, pricing, features, servers, encryption and aspects.

UnoTelly Smart DNS Review


  • The service offers clients discounts are regular intervals. You can get the service at highly discounted prices during such occasions.
  • UnoTelly Smart DNS is reputed regarding performance and security.
  • You can try UnoTelly for a month before you choose to pay for the plan.


  • Like any other Smart DNS service, UnoTelly Smart DNS cannot compare to VPN services.
  • At times, the customer support team takes long to respond to client requests.

Full Unotelly Smart DNS review


Several features define how UnoTelly Smart DNS works. The first one is the UnoDNS Dynamo. This feature helps you to choose specific channels that can help you access the service better. The reason for this is that you can use the feature to choose channels that use a specific network. Second, UnoTelly Smart DNS has a relatively strong network presence in all the regions of the world. The strong network presence helps you to access the service from any place in the world at fairly good speeds.


unotelly-smart-dns-priceUnoTelly has two pricing plans: the Gold Plan and the Premium Plan. You can choose any one of these plans, depending on your budget and needs for using the Smart DNS service. If you choose the premium plan, you can try it for a month before you fully pay for it. The premium plan offers you more than 300 channels in different languages. When you choose this plan, you will have to pay $3.94 per month. The gold plan also offers you more than 300 channels in different languages. However, under the gold scheme, you can access additional features such as advanced protocol support and access to servers in particular countries.


Servers largely define the performance of any Smart DNS service. We think that it is in light of this that the company running UnoTelly Smart DNS service chose to invest in its servers. Currently, the service has servers in primarily all regions of the world. Good server coverage means that you can connect to the service from any location. Also, it means that you can access servers in selected countries such as the United States and the UK. Connecting to the servers in such countries can help you unlock the specific type of content. Therefore, since UnoTelly SmartDNS service has a relatively good server network, it compares favourably with other premium Smart DNS services in the industry.


Smart DNS services do not encrypt your traffic. However, this does not mean that Smart DNS services are insecure. Rather, because Smart DNS services do not encrypt your data, you can access different servers at high speed. VPN services usually encrypt your traffic. It is because of the process of encrypting your traffic that VPN services are slower than Smart DNS services.

Web App

The UnoTelly Smart DNS web app is sleek in design. You can use the app to access your account and carry out all the essential functions on your account. It is easy to reach all the tabs that you may need when using the server. Besides, you can use the mobile app of the service on your Android device. We find that the mobile app is perfect for your use.


You can use UnoTelly Smart DNS service on your Windows or Android devices. You can also use the service on any device that runs on the iOS. As long as your device meets the basic requirements for functionality, you can easily use this service to access blocked content online. The basic requirements, in this case, include the memory and type of processor that your device uses.

Payment Options

You can pay for your Smart DNS service by using any of the standard credit cards currently in use. You can also pay using your PayPal account. Compared to many other services in the market, we find that UnoTelly Smart DNS service offers clients a wide range of payment options. This is a good thing, given that nowadays, some clients prefer paying for services unconventional methods such as Bitcoin.

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team of the service in several ways. For example, you can use the usual ticketing system to get in touch with them. You can also contact the service using the live chat feature on the web app. However, you can only use the live chat feature at specific times when few people are using it.

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