A Simple and Detailed Guide on How to Unmask Cloud Hacker

Many businesses are using cloud storage services. For small, medium-sized and even large businesses, using cloud storage services is the best way to keep the client data safe. However, hackers are increasingly targeting cloud storage services. The reasons as to why hackers are targeting cloud storage services are many. However, it is important for organisations and even individuals to ensure that their cloud data is safe. Here are details on how you can successfully unmask cloud hacker.

unmask cloud hacker
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Why Cloud Storage Services are Vulnerable

There are several reasons as to why cloud storage services are vulnerable to hacker attacks. The first one is that hackers realize that many businesses and organisations are nowadays adopting cloud storage services. Increasing demand for the services creates numbers that hackers find very attractive. The second reason is that the majority if clients of cloud storage services use third party service providers to access cloud storage services. Therefore, hackers can access data belonging to multiple companies and individuals when they successfully hack into a single public cloud storage service.

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Behavior Analytics

Hackers do not behave like ordinary users of cloud storage services. Hackers have entirely different motivations of accessing a cloud storage service. Therefore, it is easy for the administrators of any organisation to detect potential hackers. This approach of unmasking hackers which relies on the observation that potential hackers will behave differently from ordinary users is called behavior analytics.

By carefully analyzing the behavior of users of cloud storage services, web administrators can quickly detect potential hackers. Once network administrators detect a potential hacker, they can isolate the person and block him from accessing company data. Using behavior analytics, therefore, gives network administrators the power to prevent hackers from accessing company data found in any public cloud storage service.

Tips on how to detect and unmask cloud hacker

Here are some of the tips that you can use to detect a hacker. The tips relate to the observation that hackers will always behave in strange ways:

An abnormally large number of downloads

In many cases, hackers eventually end up downloading more files than what regular users usually download. If you are monitoring your cloud carefully, you will realize when a person downloads a large number of files. If this happens, you should immediately follow the user carefully. Often, an abnormally large number of downloads is the activity of hackers. You should immediately take the necessary steps to address this situation if it ever occurs on your public cloud storage service.

A completely new IP address

As an administrator, you have a rough idea of who your users are. After spending a lot of time looking at the IP addresses of your users, you understand their geographic location in general. Now, hackers tend to use entirely new IP addresses. In most cases, hackers carry out their activities from little-known places. Therefore, you will see a user with a completely new IP address trying to gain access to your system.

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If this happens, you should immediately probe the new user to determine whether you are under attack or not. However, as a precautionary measure, deny access to all users who attempt to log in from unknown locations. Also, deny access to users who try to log in using queer IP addresses.

Monitor the time that your users log onto your system

If you know the geographic location of most of your users, then you can tell the time during which they are quite active on the site. Depending on the nature of your site and the type of activities that users carry out when on the site, you can approximate the patterns of client activity.

Interestingly, hackers try to log onto your system from completely different locations. Therefore, you may detect a login attempt at 2:00 A.M, local time. Although it may be a genuine user who is trying to log in at such a time, the chances are that many hackers carry out their activities during odd hours. You may have to flag such log in attempts at abnormal times. If you are convinced that the person trying to log onto the system is a hacker, you should use your authority to block the person from the site.


In conclusion, you can detect potential hackers by carefully examining the behavior of your users. Many hacking attempts are abnormal in nature. Therefore, by relying on behavior analytics, you can easily unmask cloud hacker and protect your personal and business data from loss.

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