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Unlocator Review

Unlocator Review

Launched in 2013, Unlocator has grown regarding the number of users and level of popularity to become one of the most common Smart DNS services that you will ever find in the market. In this Unlocator review, I look at what has made the service popular within the few years that it has been in the market.

Unlocator Review


  • The price of the service is entirely fair.
  • The service is highly reliable and easy to install when compared to others.
  • The service is compatible with different types of devices.


  • You need to understand how to change your router setting when installing it to avoid making mistakes.
  • The customer support team is slow in responding to complaints.

Full Unlocator Review


There is nothing unique about how Unlocator works. Like any other Smart DNS, Unlocator works by making your IP address appear like you are in a different location from your actual location. Using this logic, Unlocator allows you to access media content streamed online when you are in areas in which the companies that stream the content do not make the content available. Therefore, this service allows you to overcome such geographical restrictions and access your movies, music and even TV shows anywhere.


By all standards, I find the pricing of Unlocator quite competitive. First, you are allowed to try it free for seven days. After this, you can purchase the one month plan at $4.95. You may as well consider buying the six-month plan at $27.50. If you choose to buy a full year subscription to the service, you will be required to pay $49.95. You can see that when you decide to purchase the six-month plan, for example, you end up saving money as compared to when you choose to buy the one month plan for six months.

Unlocator Pricing

Servers of Unlocator

Unlocator has some of its servers in different regions in the world. The work of the servers is simple: to re-route all the queries and make the queries appear as if they come from a different location.  This re-routing work of the servers forms the heart of the manner in which Smart DNS operates. Therefore, Smart DNS relies on the strength and consistency of these servers to let you consistently access content which is geo-restricted.


As it is the case with all other Smart DNS services that are in the market, Unlocator does not encrypt the data that users send over the internet. Since the service does not encrypt data, it cannot be used in a manner that is similar to VPNs.

Web App

The main web page of Unlocator contains detailed information about the service. However, I find that a lot of information on the site is about how you can successfully set the service up and how to address any problems that may arise. Needless to say, I find the website quite attractive and functional. You can get on the website almost all the information that you need to use the service properly.


Unlocator is compatible with a lot of devices. Since it is not a software program, it is tough for the service to be incompatible with any device. Therefore, you can use it on your tablet, a smartphone of PC. You can also comfortably use it on a machine that runs any version of Windows operating software of iOS.

Unlocator Compatibility

Payment Options

After you have settled on a plan that you find suitable to your needs, you will have to pay the amount of money using any of the most common methods of payment. For example, you may use your credit card to make the transaction. In addition to this, you may use PayPal to pay for the service. Either way, you will find the payment process quite fast and the payment options quite diverse.

Customer Support

We find the approach that the company uses to manage customer issues simply average. If you try to get help about using the service, you will be required to go through the website. The website contains a lot of instructions which the company believes are enough to solve customer issues. However, if you do not get help reading the instructions, you may contact the customer support team of the service.

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