July 17, 2016 Unblock the VoIP Apps in Morocco

A Guide to Unblock the VoIP Apps in Morocco

Unblock the VoIP Apps in Morocco
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The Moroccan government recently introduced rules and regulations that make it hard to the residents and travelers in the country hard for them to talk with people. The new rules will affect a huge demographic and also impact the locals heavily. It leads to increased costs of contact and it also reduces the interactions between the people through various platforms.

Three of the biggest telecom providers in the country recently banned apps that provide free calls to other people across the world, and as expected the move has seen discontent rise amongst the people. VoIP calls have clearly been saving a lot of money for people in the world, and their ban would see an increase in costs. They also offer flexibility to the users so their ban will impact people heavily.

Fortunately, there is a solution for every problem that is in the world, and this issue is also solvable. There are various ways that people can use to unblock the VoIP apps in Morocco.

Use of VPNs

Virtual Private Networks have been used very well in many parts of the world with great success stories. The public has well embraced them, and its qualities are very much appreciated. Simple use of the VPN means that your IP address is well masked. Through VPNs, users can appear like they are coming from various other areas that are not in Morocco.

Thankfully, there are many VPN services that provide servers that are located in any country of your choice including the US, the UK, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Upon connection with a VPN service, the IP of the device automatically changes, and it gives you a server location of your choice depending on the VPN being used. Therefore it becomes to connect to the various VoIP apps available such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

VPNs also have encryption on them which makes it hard for cyber attackers to track you down. The device or the connection does not matter as long as you have a VPN because it makes you unrecognizable. No one can monitor online activities when this feature is being used. Therefore it also acts to help in the various areas where heavy censorship is done. That means countries like the China, and some located in the Middle East and Europe which face censorship are safe.

VPNs are also good in unblocking channels that have been geographically restricted, which means services such as Hulu or Netflix are easy to reach.

VPNs are also easy to subscribe to, and after extensive research of the various services that are provided, one of the best VPN services on the Internet at the moment is none other than ExpressVPN. They provide fast speeds, can be used on multiple devices, and are easy to use.

Hotspot Shield Use

One other tool that can be used to circumvent the Morocco ban on VoIP calls is through the use of Hotspot Shield. This is a free tool that in essence, is a VPN, but is known more and more because of the freeness of its services. There is no extensive technology knowledge required, unlike other premium VPNs, and neither does it require any money from the users. A simple download of the software on the required device is sufficient enough to turn it on, and after that, it will be easily usable.

After turning on, the server will simply connect you to the US server. After this, it becomes easy to use the VoIP service just as the apps mentioned above such as WhatsApp, Viber and even including Facebook. The service is also fast and reliable, and the Elite Version of the app is available at a reasonably low price. The Elite version will also include the same features plus much more and also has better quality.

The only problem with the Hotspot Shield free version is the constant ad and speed issues, but they should be nothing compared to the service they provide.


Thankfully, the above methods have been working to solve issues with the Morocco VoIP ban. And through them, you can continually use your cheap services and efficient methods to connect with friends and family across the world.

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