February 24, 2017 Unblock Netflix outside US

Unblock Netflix outside US – A Complete Solution for Beginners!

Netflix has the highest number of shows on the planet hands down. And it is also available in 190 countries. However, there are many countries in the world that Netflix does not cover. Even more troubling is the fact that some regions that Netflix already covers have restrictions as to what they can enjoy with their subscriptions. Either you are in a country that Netflix does not cover and want to enjoy what everyone else enjoys. Or you belong to the 190 nations covered but are not able to watch everything. No matter your reason, you have come to the right place to learn how to unblock Netflix outside US.

Unblock Netflix outside US
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Methods to Unblock Netflix outside US

The best way to enjoy Netflix is to live in the US where you can enjoy the maximum number of shows (currently above 5,000). Given that we can’t all travel to the US. The solution is to trick Netflix servers into thinking you reside in the US. You can do that in either or all of the three proven ways namely using a Proxy, a VPN (virtual private network), or the new Opera Browser.


Also known as a proxy server, this is a computer hub through which your internet requests go through. Basically, it is the hub that allows you to surf the web and, in this case, enjoy Netflix. This proxy gives you an IP address. IP addresses base on your location and thus Netflix servers read these addresses to determine how much of their juicy content you can enjoy. To use the proxy server and access all Netflix content, you have to trick it into thinking your IP address is from the United States.

There are various proxies on the market that allow you to fake an IP address and have one belonging to the United States. You may need to pay a little extra for this service. But it is worth the great shows when you unblock Netflix outside US. As we had stated earlier, Netflix works fully only when in the United States and this method helps you virtually achieve that. However, Netflix is quickly catching up on this method to restrict certain IP addresses from accessing their services under the pretension of being in the US.


A Virtual Private Network is a way of introducing a higher level of security to your browsing experience. In all the three methods discussed here, using a VPN is by far the best option in watching Netflix outside US. With a VPN, you are able to mask or hide your IP address so that you can browse privately. In this way, no one can know exactly where you are browsing from just by checking your IP address as it will not be there. The Netflix servers will thus have no option but to let you in and access Netflix outside US.

Netflix is trying hard to wade off the use of proxies and VPN networks in unblocking Netflix outside US. However, Netflix will likely catch you when using a proxy server than when using a VPN network. Among the available VPN services are ExpressVPN, TorGuard, and Hotspot Shield. All of these options are paid for although Hotspot Shield offers a free version but with limited features. They all work as advertised.

Opera Browser

The popular Opera browser now has a feature which can allow you to watch Netflix outside US. While very few people know this feature (the first browser with it). It is a great way of accessing Netflix outside US. The new feature is the inclusion of a free VPN right into the browser.

It is a cool feature that will make your browsing impossible to detect by any server including those of Netflix. This method is also a favorite to many people given that it is one of the free methods that actually works.


For most Netflix users, the price of the subscription is reasonable only if they are getting the highest amount of content they can have. The picture quality of the subscription is another important factor. With the US being the only country able to access all the content from Netflix. The price of the subscription in other countries seems unfair.

If you live in Australia, you will only access about 2,400 shows. These are less than half of all the total content Netflix has on offer for its US customers. If you use the methods we have detailed above, you will have the ability to unblock Netflix outside US.

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