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How to Watch and Unblock US Netflix in Philippines

Unblock Netflix in the Philippines

As you all know, Netflix is the latest media content provider sensation which has hit the entertainment world with a storm. However, the sad irony is that it is not available all around the globe. If you wish to watch Netflix, then you have to be a resident in such country where Netflix is available or is it so?! Let me break the ice here because after following the steps that I am about to explain below you can Unblock US Netflix in Philippines.

Unblock Netflix in the Philippines
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Update – Netflix is NOW AVAILABLE for access in the Philippines. WooHoo!!

Let’s get started to Unblock US Netflix in Philippines!

The easiest way to secure access to Netflix is to use a top VPN service. By good, I meant a VPN that offers faster connection speeds because this is the first requirement for accessing Netflix. Here I will recommend HideMyAss VPN service because they are providing best connection speeds at the lowest prices.

Once you have bought a VPN subscription all you have to do is to setup the VPN service on the device, on which you intend to watch Netflix. The VPN offers easy to setup client and instruction which does not require any technical knowledge for the installation process. Moreover, the best thing about HideMyAss VPN is that it is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms with its easy to setup clients.

Once done with the installation process, all you have to do is to open the VPN client and select a US based server. US based is important because Netflix is available for access in the US and choosing a US based server will assign a US based IP address. Thus, gaining you access to Netflix even when you are in the Philippines.

Update – Finally Netflix Is Available In The Philippines! It is Time to CELEBRATE.

Now because Netflix is expanding its services worldwide, it is finally available to be accessed in the Philippines. So, you no longer have to use the above-explained method for gaining access to Netflix in the Philippines.

Since it is now available, you can directly go the Netflix website and choose a Netflix plan and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows directly from your home in the Philippines.

When you sign up for Netflix, you will get a one-month free trial and after the one-month is over you will be a charge for the services.

Must Haves to Unblock US Netflix in Philippines

You will need:

  • Fast Internet connection which is 3 Mbps and above
  • Subscription to a Netflix plan
  • Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, Android Device or any other device that can connect to the internet.

Fortunately, there are faster internet plans are available in the Philippines, like PLDT Fiber internet and Globe Home Broadband High-Speed Internet plans. DSL plans have also become cheaper and offer speeds up to 5 Mbps at affordable prices. I guess these internet speeds will adjust to Netflix very well and will suffice to provide buffer free Netflix viewing experience.

How to Access shows and movies of Netflix USA or some other country?

Netflix Philippines will not be offering all the shows and movies at present. For gaining access to the rest of the shows and movies which are available in the USA, you can again follow the method that I explained at the top.

Once you have selected USA based server in the VPN, you can access Netflix USA even when you are in the Philippines. Because on choosing a USA server in the VPN you will get a USA IP address and this allows you to bypass the geolocation filter of Netflix.


I hope the guide will help the reader to setup a VPN on the device and watch the US television shows and movies in the Philippines. I will also make sure to update any latest developments here regarding the issue to Unblock US Netflix in Philippines.

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