Unblock Netflix from School and Watch it as You Wish

Back in the day, it was unthinkable having a smartphone in school (hint: they were not there yet). The closest thing to a smart gadget was a large computer whose current siblings are nothing like it. The only video site we could put our hands on was YouTube. And that was only when you had your best friend at the door watching out for the teacher. Today, however, technology has moved so fast we put whole computers in our pockets. And that is the problem! You will want to use it all the time on sites such as Netflix. While it is wicked (in a good way) to watch Netflix at school, you may realize it is blocked from access. That is why we will teach you how you can unblock Netflix from school and enjoy it.

Unblock Netflix from School
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You are not alone

If you thought Netflix is only blocked in your school, think twice. Most public and private institutions have put a lock on video sites. Netflix is one of them. There are various reasons for this stand including the fact that it uses too much internet data thus driving operational costs up. Also, the content on such sites may not be appropriate for all audiences.

That does not mean that you are forcibly locked away from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or DareDevil. With our little secret here, you will be able to unblock Netflix at school and keep up with civilization. There are very few steps needed to make it possible to unblock Netflix in school. With most schools having a lock on this site, be sure that you will need to get clever for your own good.

Recommendations to Unblock Netflix from School

While Netflix is outright blocked in most institutions, some other sites are allowed. Don’t be surprised finding out that YouTube and other video sites are allowed while you cannot watch Netflix from school.

YouTube only allows you to watch short videos while other video streaming sites allow the viewing of full-length films. As stated before, this aspect makes it hard for the providers of the internet service due to high data usage. Before we start getting all philosophical, it would only make sense if we got into the details and watched the show already:

  • First of all, if you want to unblock Netflix from school, you need to know what makes it possible to lock you out of watching your favorite show. The barrier between you and your favorite show is called a firewall. Firewalls are meant to set rules for the users of the network. If you had your own firewall over your network, you will set who uses which parts of it. Before you go thinking the firewall is your enemy, it is what keeps you safe from bad guys. Hackers would have a field day raiding your work if that firewall came down. It is actually metaphorical; a wall of fire to keep bad things and people out.
  • Secondly, for you to access what can’t go through the wall, you need to find a way of scaling the wall (or going through it). And that is exactly what our solution does; it allows you scale this wall of fire to the outside world where you can enjoy many things among them Netflix. What enables you overcome the firewall is called a virtual private network (VPN). A virtual private network works by giving you the privacy that the firewall can’t breach.

Here is how it works

You head over to a VPN of your choice and sign up. There are free and paid versions of these VPNs. You really do not need to pay for this service as your aim is to simply watch Netflix will be met by the free Netflix VPNs. After signing up, you will simply need to activate the account with which you will operate. The VPN service provider will provide you with an IP address.

Why another IP address when you already have another one? Your current IP address is in the catalogue of the school internet users. The new IP address makes you seem like a user outside the firewall (where Netflix is allowed). You thus have your time with Netflix as you please.


This is a simple way to unblock Netflix from school without raising eyebrows. Few firewalls will ever notice you exist with your virtual IP address. It is easy doing this than any other method you can think of.

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Unblock Netflix from School

Unblock Netflix from School and Watch it as You Wish