June 20, 2016 unblock Netflix at school

Unblock Netflix at school – Simply the Best Way!

Netflix is the sharp sensation when it comes to entertainment and life will be kind of empty without Netflix nowadays. It is evident that the school authorities want their students to concentrate on studies and because every student has mobile, tablet, or laptops in their possession it doesn’t take long before they start to access Netflix from these devices. Thus, the school blocks the access to Netflix and such other services so, that the student cannot unblock Netflix at school.

unblock Netflix at school
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Method by which Netflix is Blocked at School

Where the school maintains their own servers for providing internet access then in such cases Netflix is blocked at this level, and in cases where the school does not manage their servers then Netflix is blocked at the level of the ISP.

But before you give up any hopes of accessing Netflix in your school, here we are going to provide a way to unblock Netflix at school. So, be happy and read on!

Method to Watch and Unblock Netflix at School

The best method which will get Netflix unblocked at school is the use of a VPN service, although there are many VPN services providers, here I will recommend HideMyAss service provider as they are very affordable and also provide unbeatable service and support. HideMyAss VPN has servers located in multiple locations which make it a very resilient and top-notch VPN service providers. So, don’t think a lot and buy HMA Pro!

  1. Using VPN Service to Unblock Netflix at School

First of all, you have to choose a VPN plan for your VPN subscription for that; you will visit the website and pick a plan from the list of available plans that best suits your needs.

Once done with the above step, you will be asked by the provider to confirm and set up your account via email. The whole process is very straightforward which hardly takes a few minutes only, and after this, you will be provided with a download link to the VPN client so, go ahead and download the client.

  1. Installing the VPN Client

Once the client has finished downloading all you have to do is install the client on your machine, PIA provides support to every device, be it Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, you will find their client for every device. So, once you have installed the client on your machine all you have to do is to open the client, and it will guide you through rest of the process.

  1. Connecting to a VPN server

After installing, open the client and choose a server of your preference, but in our case, since we wish to unblock Netflix at school I suggest you choose a US based server, this will assign you a US based server and will assure that you get to watch Netflix at school flawlessly. Although you can choose a server based in any other country but choosing a US based server will only assure you full access to Netflix contents because Netflix is a US based service and is fully available only in the US.

  1. Voila! Now You Have Netflix Unblocked at School

Once you are connected to a US based VPN server, you will be assigned a US based IP address, and the result will be that now you have Netflix unblocked, and you can watch Netflix at school on your device. Enjoy!


And you did it! Thanks for hanging in here till the end and congratulations on successfully unblocking Netflix at school. The best part to the use of a VPN service is that it also grants you anonymity. The reason is, first, it tunnels your data through secure tunnels. Secondly, you are assigned with a virtual IP address. Thus, hiding your original location and that will make it practically impossible to trace you.

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