Unblock Instagram at School – Detailed How to Guide!

A VPN provides the best method that you can use to unblock Instagram at school. Bear in mind that there are several other methods that you can use to unblock Instagram at school. For example, you can use a Smart DNS to successfully overcome geo-restrictions and use Instagram when you are in school. However, a Smart DNS is not as good as a VPN regarding unblocking Instagram.

Unblock Instagram at School
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VPN to Unblock Instagram at School

A VPN gives you better security and privacy than what a Smart DNS offers. Therefore, you should consider using a VPN to unblock Instagram while in school. Here is an outline of how you can unblock Instagram at school using a VPN.

1. Choosing a VPN

Choosing a VPN is the first step in the process of using a VPN service to unblock Instagram at school. There are hundreds of VPN services in the market today. Interestingly, all these services are unique regarding the nature of their services and other features. Therefore, you need to take the time to check the websites of different VPNs before you settle on one.

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It goes without saying that you should consider the pricing plans of the different services that you are checking before you settle on one. VPNs use different pricing plans. Whereas many services offer clients three pricing plans based on the number of months that the clients are willing to use, others offer clients fixed rates.

Also, you should check the encryption protocols that the services use as well as the number of servers that the services have. The encryption protocols that services use determines how committed the service are to your security. Similarly, the number and distribution of servers show how strong the network of the service is.

2. Signing up for the VPN service of your choice

Once you settle on one VPN service that you would like to use, you will have to sign up for a plan. At this stage, you will have to choose a specific pricing plan that suits your needs and budget. You will also have to pay for the service.

Many VPNs nowadays allow clients to pay using any of a wide range of methods. For example, you can pay for the VPN plan of your choice using any of the common types of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the process of paying for a VPN pricing plan is easy, straightforward and works at your convenience.

3. Installing the VPN client

Once you sign up for a specific pricing plan, you will have to install the VPN client. An administrator of your service will send you instructions on how to download and install the software on your device.

You will have to install the VPN client software on the device that you will be using on Instagram. For example, if you wish to use your Smartphone to visit Instagram, you will have to install the VPN software on your phone.

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In some cases, you may connect more than one device to the internet using your VPN account. If this is the case, then you can use several devices to unblock Instagram while in school successfully. However, for purposes of clarity, it will be practical to use your Smartphone to access Instagram at school. Therefore, you will have to install the VPN software on your Smartphone.

4. Choose your preferred location

You can choose to use any server in any country. However, it makes sense to use a local server. Also, since you can access Instagram in any country, it makes sense to choose a server that is near you. Choosing a local server will help you to access the internet at relatively high speeds.


In conclusion, you can successfully unblock Instagram at school by following this process. You need to use a VPN to enjoy a high level of security and personal privacy. You need to choose the most appropriate VPN service that you can use.

Once you choose a good VPN service, you will have to sign up for a specific pricing plan. You will then have to download and install the VPN software on the device you intend to use to access Instagram. You will then easily overcome all forms of geo-restrictions and access Instagram while at school.

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