Unblock Facebook in China – No matter China Block VPNs

The Chinese authorities block some websites. The reasons for this form of censorship are varied; however, the Chinese government says that it censors internet use for the purpose of national security. Facebook is one of the websites that Chinese authorities censor. However, here is a guide on how you can unblock Facebook in China using a VPN.

Unblock Facebook in China
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Why a VPN?

A VPN is the only efficient method that you can use to unblock Facebook in China. Many other methods can help you hide your IP address and bypass internet censorship. For example, you can use a Smart DNS service to hide your IP address. However, all these alternative methods are not as effective as a VPN.

Whereas using a Smart DNS may help you to bypass restrictions, the method is less efficient because it only masks your IP address. Governments and websites across the world are increasingly blocking traffic from Smart DNS services. Therefore, if you rely on a Smart DNS service to bypass restrictions and access the content of some websites in China, you may end up losing the battle against the authorities.

A VPN, unlike a Smart DNS, encrypts your traffic and assigns to you an entirely different IP address. You can use an IP address of any country in which the VPN service has servers. ISPs in China will not be able to determine your location when you use a VPN. Therefore, this feature makes a VPN the most effective method you can use to bypass restrictions in China.

Choosing the best VPN service

By far, choosing the best VPN service is the most critical step in the process of unblocking Facebook in China. There are several reasons as to why you should be careful when carrying out this step of the process. For example, the Chinese government has been successfully identifying and banning traffic from some VPN services in the country.

It is possible for governments to ban VPN services in a country. The Chinese government has, for example, managed to ban the services of some VPN services in the country. As a result of the action of the government, you cannot use some VPNs in the country. Therefore, you need to check if the VPN that you intend to use still functions in China before you use it.

Second, VPNs vary regarding the security features that they use. Some VPN services use advanced features that enable them to keep your data more securely than the others. Also, some VPNs have the kill switch feature that automatically ends your connection to the internet if you lose connection to the VPN server. The kill switch feature helps to prevent your IP address from leaking when you lose your connection to the VPN server.

You need to be careful when selecting a VPN service to use in China, therefore. Apart from the usual factors such as the number of servers that a VPN service has, its pricing plans and overall reputation, you need to consider other factors. Specifically, you need to check whether the service works in China. You also need to check the type of security features that the service uses.

Installing the VPN service to unblock Facebook in China

Once you choose a particular VPN service that you intend to use to unblock Facebook in China, you will have to install the service on your device. The process of installing a VPN on your device is simple. In most cases, your service will provide you with all the details of the process. Besides, you can always contact your service for help if you happen to run into problems during the procedure.

The last step of the process is to choose your preferred location. You can select a location from the list of countries that your service operates in. In this case, you will have to choose any of the locations that you would like your IP address to reflect. For example, if you wish to use a Danish IP address, you will have to choose a VPN server that is Denmark.

You can always change your VPN server location at any time. Moreover, you can change your server location on your phone. Therefore, at any given time, you can use a VPN service that best suits. By using your VPN service, you can successfully unblock Facebook in China. Besides, you can access other websites that not only the Chinese government but also other authorities block.

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