March 9, 2017 Unblock Facebook at School

Unblock Facebook at School – 14 Best and Easy Methods!

We all run into firewalls at school and work when wanting to use certain sites. Facebook and Netflix are some of the sites on the block list in many institutions. You do not need to worry though since there are many ways of getting access to the blocked websites. For this reason, we have compiled ways to unblock Facebook at school. They are all simple and free.

Unblock Facebook at School
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Google Web Light

The use of google Web Light to access Facebook at school tricks your server into thinking you are viewing Google. Simply go to then insert the URL of the site you wish to visit. It is that simple.


The major search engines keep a cached version of every website you choose to visit. Simply search for Facebook then click on the cache button below the search results. You will then be allowed to use Facebook at school without a hitch.

Google Translate

With google translate (or other online translators), you can easily unblock Facebook at school. Simply choose the destination language as your primary language and the source language any other language you want. You will have a view of Facebook in the translator window.

2 layered unblocker

The 2 layered unblocker also allows you to access Facebook at school with ease. When using Google Translate, visit a proxy website. You can then use the proxy website to visit Facebook as the firewall will not know of this.

IP to Decimal

You can convert your IP address into a decimal then use that to access Facebook at school. It very simple and you only need to find IP Decimal + IP address then after the conversion you paste the URL into the address bar and press enter.

IP Address

You can also use Facebook at school by simply using the IP address of the website as the URL rather than its actual URL. This method works for most websites and will allow you in.

This trick to unblock Facebook at school is known by very few people. It works by simply requiring you to add after the website you wish to visit. For Facebook, just type and you are good to go.


TOR never fails to allow people bypass the firewalls and other restrictions to access Facebook at school. Besides that, it gives you the privacy you need to surf anonymously and visit any site you wish to visit. It is also free to use hence a great deal.

Opera Mini Simulator

The opera mini browser can be installed on a computer to be able to use Facebook at school. Its desktop version also has a feature that allows for anonymous surfing which one can use to visit any site they want.

Proxy Sites

Such sites allow you to unblock Facebook at school by making your visits to certain blocked sites anonymous. Among the most common sites are KProxy and Anonymouse. Visiting them allows you to visit another website as they hide your identity.

IP hiding

You can access Facebook at school with software that specifically hides your IP address such as UltraSurf. The firewall on your school network works by blocking your IP address from going to Facebook. Hiding the IP address will allow you to visit any site you wish to get to with ease.

VPN to Unblock Facebook at School

A virtual private network gives you another IP address which your firewall will think is not from your school. You can pick any location you want your IP address to come from in order to access Facebook at school.

Host file editing

You may also change the host files to allow you unlock Facebook at school. You can either find a program that does that or use the notepad on your computer. This method works for most people.

DNS Server change

You can change the DNS server to Google DNS or OpenDNS to trick your server into not knowing your actual location and thus use Facebook. In this way, you can be sure that your firewall will not work against you.

All the methods detailed above come at no cost yet they allow you to unblock Facebook at school and other areas where it is not allowed. They are simple methods that have been in use for many years now with great results. According to your needs, you can pick the one that suits you well.

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