Unblock Crackle outside US – Two Simple Methods

Crackle is one of leading providers of online media content. However, you can only access the content that the service streams to its clients if you are within the United States. If you are out of the United States, you may find it difficult to access the content that Crackle streams to its clients. The reason as to why you may have difficulties when accessing the content of Crackle is because the company imposes geo-restrictions on its content. Therefore, for you to unblock Crackle outside US, you have to overcome the geo-restrictions.

Unblock Crackle outside US
Credit: Crackle Twitter Page

Methods to Unblock Crackle Outside US

Here are some of the methods that you can Use to overcome the restrictions and unblock Crackle outside US:

Method one: Using a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is one of the best methods that you can Use to unblock Crackle from outside United States. A Smart DNS works by hiding your IP address. The servers of Crackle can tell your exact location by looking at your IP address. If your IP address is that of a country other than the approved ones, the servers send you an error message.

However, a Smart DNS helps you to trick the servers of Crackle. A good Smart DNS conceals your real IP address. Therefore, when you access the Crackle website, the servers of Crackle cannot tell that you are outside the United States. Therefore, you can easily access all the content of Crackle even when you are outside the United States by Using a Smart DNS.

Unblocking Crackle using a Smart DNS: important things

You need to remember several things before you choose to Use a Smart DNS to unblock Crackle outside the United States. First, bear in mind that there are several other alternative methods that you can Use to overcome geo-restrictions and access the content that Crackle streams to its clients in the US.

Second, remember that a Smart DNS service does not offer you complete anonymity and privacy when you are online. Some websites have been Using advanced methods to identify and block traffic from Smart DNS services. However, you can still Use Smart DNS to successfully access the content of Crackle when you are outside the United States.

Method Two: Using a VPN

A VPN is the most effective method of unblocking Crackle outside the United States. Several reasons make a VPN the best method that you can Use to overcome geo-restrictions and access Crackle from anywhere in the world.

  • In the first place, a VPN is more secure than any other method that you can use to overcome geo-restrictions. A VPN Usually encrypts the traffic of clients and then transfers the traffic via secure tunnels. This process of encrypting and tunneling client traffic makes a VPN the most secure method of browsing the internet in general.
  • Second, a VPN is the best method that you can use to bypass any form of internet censorship. If you happen to be in a country in which the authorities do not allow people to access certain sites, the best way you can overcome this is by Using a VPN.
  • Third, any standard VPN service has thousands of different IP addresses. Therefore, you can easily access the service even if websites attempt to track down VPN traffic and block VPN Users.

Your VPN service will easily give you a new and different IP address anytime servers attempt to block you.

Using a VPN to unblock Crackle outside the US: a few things to remember

First, do not forget to choose a VPN service that best suits your needs. There are very many VPN services currently in the market. Your choice depends on several factors, the most important ones being the amount of money you would like to spend and the level of privacy that you desire.

Some VPN services use highly advanced security features to improve the level of security and privacy for their clients. Others Use standard encryption procedures to give their customers basic privacy and security features.


In conclusion, you can successfully unblock Crackle outside US by using a VPN. The VPN service that you choose to Use will give you an entirely new IP address. You will then use the IP address to access the Crackle website. Regardless of your location, the Crackle servers will give you access to the content.

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