January 4, 2017 Unblock Blocked Websites

Unblock Blocked Websites Without Using a Proxy Server

A proxy provides the easiest method that you can use to unblock blocked websites. Essentially, you only have to type the URL of the site that you wish to access. The proxy server then contacts the site on your behalf. Because the servers of the site cannot tell your real identity and location, they end up giving you access. Therefore, the proxy server acts as a go-between for you.

Unblock Blocked Websites
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However, you may have to use other alternatives to unblock blocked websites. The main reason as to why you may have to use other methods to unblock websites is that proxy server are mainly free and have advertisements. Therefore, for you to maintain your privacy and effectively unblock websites, you may have to use other methods.

Why some websites are blocked

There are several reasons as to why some administrators may block specific websites. For example, organisations may choose to block specific websites. A common example of how this happens is in schools. Many schools do not allow students to access social media sites on the school network. Hence, if you are using the school network, you may not access specific sites.

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In addition to this, network administrators at the place of work may deliberately block specific sites. As part of the policy of an organisation, the administrators may choose to block adult content sites or even social media sites. This approach may be used to help prevent the practice of employees wasting time and bandwidth of the employer.

Lastly, some sites restrict their content to specific geographical location. For example, many companies that stream video and other forms of media content follow very strict restrictions. In most cases, you can only access the content if you are in specific countries.

Why you may have to unblock blocked websites

The following are some of the main reasons as to why you may have to unblock blocked websites:

  1. Overcome geo-restrictions and access content – Many sites that stream content restrict the content to specific countries. Even those services that stream content to several countries still select the type of content that they stream to specific countries. For example, Netflix streams a wide variety of shows in different countries across the world. However, the content of Netflix US is better than that of any other country. Therefore, you may have to unblock Netflix US to access the content.
  2. Bypass internet censorship – Some governments still believe in restricting what citizens can access online. Such regimes attempt to block specific sites in their countries. This means that if you are in a country in which the government has blocked specific sites, you may not access the sites at all. However, you may use any of the several methods to bypass the censorship and access the sites effectively.
  3. To overcome other forms of restrictions – Organisations may block specific sites. For example, schools may block all social networking sites. For you to access such blocked sites, you will have to use any of the common methods to access the content.

Using a VPN to get on blocked websites

There are very many other methods that you can use to get on blocked websites. For example, you may use the RSS feeds to get the content of specific websites. You may also use the Google cache method to get the content of the websites that you need to access. However, these are less effective methods compared to using a proxy. On the other hand, if you do not wish to use a proxy, you can use a VPN. By all standards, a VPN is the most effective method that you can use to unblock websites.

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To successfully unblock websites using a VPN; you will have to follow the following procedure:

  1. Get a good VPN service – You will have to look for a VPN service that suits your needs. Remember to compare the prices and security features of different VPN services before you settle on one.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device – You will have to configure your devices to use the VPN service. Setting up your device to use the VPN service is usually a straightforward process.
  3. Choose your preferred location – You will have to choose the servers that are near you. Alternatively, if you wish to access a site that is specific to a particular country, you may have to choose the servers in the country.


In conclusion, once you go through this process, you will be in a position to unblock blocked websites in the world. All you will have to do is to visit the specific site you wish to unblock. The servers of your VPN service will change your IP address and help you access all the content of the site.

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