Top 7 Bug Bounty Programs – Want to Hunt Bugs and Earn Money?

If you have coding and hacking skills, you can make some serious money being a white hat hacker. You can hack the big tech firms we know today and be paid for it. Just be sure you register with the top 7 bug bounty programs on the internet right now. With the big firms making it to our glorious list, be sure that your skills will be paid for handsomely.

Top 7 Bug Bounty Programs
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  1. Facebook

Zuckerberg’s brainchild has put up enticing figures for grabs by those with hacking skills. For the year 2014 alone, for example, the firm paid out at least a million dollars to bug bounty hunters. This makes it one of the top bug bounty programs at the moment. The minimum payout for its programs is $500. Depending on the severity of the exploit you discover, the sky is the limit for the size of the payout you can rake in.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft made it to our list of the top 7 bug bounty programs after the figures on its bug bounty programs made our eyes flash dollar signs. It currently runs three programs with great rewards. The first one, dubbed the Online Services Bug Bounty, will earn a hacker around $15,000 for the exploits discovered. The second one pays about $100,000 and is called the Mitigation Bypass Bounty. The last one, called the Bounty for Defense, also rakes in about $100,000 for the discovered security vulnerabilities.

  1. Google

The king of search has also put out good sums of money for bug bounty hunters. You can find bugs in any of its services and earn yourself some good money. Owing to the wide array of products offered by this firm, it made it to our list of the top 7 bug bounty programs. The lowest you can earn on each bug discovered is $100. If you get a client or session bug that is severe, you will earn yourself up to $7,500. If the bug you find is in the server-access area and is severe, you are guaranteed of up to $20,000.

  1. Yahoo

Even after being acquired by Verizon, yahoo is still a powerhouse of a technology company. It has various bug bounty programs which make any bounty hunter salivate. Although the smallest exploit is paid for with $50, you can earn up to a cool $15,000 as per the severity of the exploit.

  1. Chrome

As if the bounties in the Google section are not juicy enough to make it one of our top bug bounty programs already, there is more in the chrome browser. Some of the exploits in the top 7 bug bounties on our list but many still crop up for your skills to shine. The minimum payout is $500 with up to $4,000 and $15,000 for information leaks and severe issues respectively. The crown of bounties is the $100,000. If you can compromise a Chromebox or Chromebook while in guest mode and make the compromise persist between device boots, please sign up. The $100,000 awaits you.

  1. Mozilla

If you can pinpoint a bug that is critical to the security of Thunderbird, Firefox, FirefoxOS, and Firefox for Android, Mozilla wants to make you richer. The lowest you can make from hacking good old Mozilla is $500. After that, you get $2,000, $7,500 and $10,000 for moderate, critical and exceptional issues respectively. There is lots of money to gobble up if you search for bugs hard enough.

  1. Uber

You can hail an Uber to pay the firm, or you can have the firm pay you for hacking it. If both cases occur, you still win. This is because your exploits will get $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 for medium, significant and critical security issues. The ride-hailing firm just launches the bug bounty programs with a high level of success as people are hunting for bugs and getting paid handsomely. Given the thousands of people hacking Uber for bugs, you need to be among the very best to beat the competition. With consistency and focus, be sure that you can earn a living with this.


The top 7 bug bounty programs all come from the major technology firms. Others such as Dropbox, GitHub, PayPal, Avast, Coinbase, LINE, Android, Flash, Apple operating systems, and PornHub have offered good sums of money to make it worthwhile geeking out all night hunting for their vulnerabilities.

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Top 7 Bug Bounty Programs

Top 7 Bug Bounty Programs – Want to Hunt Bugs and Earn Money?