March 5, 2017 Top 7 Bug Bounty Hunters

A List of Top 7 Bug Bounty Hunters at the Moment

Bounty hunters are now digital. With a lot of threats coming from black hat hackers, companies have now sought to counter this measure by using their opposites; the white hat hackers. The white hat hackers hack a certain system, find its vulnerabilities and report to the company owners. They are then compensated handsomely with amounts ranging in thousands of dollars. We have compiled a list of the top 7 bug bounty hunters available.

Top 7 Bug Bounty Hunters
Credit: FirmBee / Pixabay
  1. Roy Castillo

Roy Cas
Credit: Twitter

The list of the top bug bounty hunters would not be complete without Roy Castillo. Accredited with finding the bug in Gmail for iOS, Roy has won himself the respect of many hackers. He also found a Facebook bug that would allow hackers access the primary email address with ease. Roy has won himself a lot of acclaim for helping firms in making their systems more secure. He started off hacking at a young age and has kept getting better.

  1. Nir Goldshlager

Nir Goldshlager‏
Credit: Twitter

The second name on our list of the top 7 bug bounty hunters is already in many people’s minds. Nir Goldshlager was the best white hat hacker in the Facebook Security Hall of Fame in 2012 and keeps sending ripples in the tech world. He also won fame when he bypassed the firewall for the Imperva Web Application before taking on other roles in white hat hacking. Nir currently holds the role of the SEO of Break Security. He has also made a large fortune from bounty hunting.

  1. Neal Poole

Neal Poole
Credit: Twitter

Neal Poole is another one of the top bug bounty hunters in the world at the moment. Even before he joined Facebook’s Product Security team as a security engineer, Poole had pointed out many bugs in many pieces of software. He is also a member of the Facebook Whitehat Hall of Fame. His exploits have gone as far as finding bugs in Mozilla and Google with handsome rewards going his way.

  1. Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan
Credit: Twitter

Ramadan is so good at his work that he had written a book on it. Titled CODENAME: Samurai Skills Course, the book has various skills and tips on what is needed to be a top hacker. What threw him into the public was his discovery of a bug in the iOS version of the Facebook Camera app. This bug allowed hackers to enter the phone and wreak havoc. He has also found bugs in Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other pieces of software.

  1. Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch
Credit: Twitter

Another one of the top 7 bug bounty hunters is Rafay Baloch. He found a bug in the online payment system PayPal which allowed for remote execution of transactions. For this exploit alone, he earned himself a cool $10,000 and a job at PayPal. Another exploit to his name is the Android Stock browser Address Bar Spoofing which would make the whole operating system very risky to use. His work at PayPal has been excellent as it has contributed to the increase of the security levels of the platform.

  1. Frans Rosen

Frans Rosén
Credit: Twitter

Rosen shot to stardom after his finding of the Mega XSS vulnerability. This made him richer by 1,000 euros. Many lists have ranked him first behind Castillo as the top hackers. At the moment, he is busy at the firm he founded called Detectify where he keeps on finding bugs in various areas. These exploits have earned him a sizeable fortune and made him one of the richest hackers on the planet at the moment.

  1. Emily Stark

Emily Stark
Credit: Twitter

Completing our list of the top bug bounty hunters is Emily Stark. The only lady on our list works for the Google Chrome Security Team as an engineer. She has her name on the list of many crowdsourcing security platforms where she takes active roles. Her work at Meteor (a JavaScript application framework) gave her great reputation before she went to work with google. For the most part, her work has revolved around finding vulnerabilities in software then helping to seal the patches. So far, she has had a successful run with many exploits to her name. With very few ladies in the hacking business, Stark is easily a top hacker.


The list of our top 7 bug bounty hunters restricted us to just seven names although many others exist. Mazin Ahmed, Shubham Shah, and Bitquark are other top hackers on the white hat side of the fence whose work stands out from the crowd for their great work.

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