Top 10 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous and Safe Browsing

Originally the Internet was developed as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which was funded by the American Department of Defense and all these developments took place during the 1960s. ARPANET used the method of packet switching to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network. Few years passed after the development of the internet, and it was made public, since then it has provided innumerable opportunities to the public and now it is an undetectable part of life. However, with the development of internet and with its growing role in our lives led to the development of a new type of crimes known as cyber-crimes, where a crime is committed with the help of a computer targeting victim’s computer. However, we can use the top 10 free proxy servers to stay anonymous on the internet.

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To help the users from such threats of cyber-crimes, we have presented here a list of top ten free proxy servers which are the top 10 free web proxies at this time. A proxy helps in concealing the user’s original IP address and provides a virtual IP address, which protects the user’s identity and protects him from other cyber threats.

How Proxy Works

A web proxy allows the users to browse the internet anonymously because a proxy tunnels the user’s data through secure servers that are located at remote locations, thus assigns the user a virtual IP address while hiding his true identity.

Top 10 Free Proxy Servers

It is very hard to choose a proxy service and the first question that the user asks himself, ‘is this the best free proxy service.’ So, from among the bunch of free web proxies we have come up here with top 10 free proxy servers, these are the top 10 free proxies and are the elites’ of them all in offering you safe and anonymous browsing experience over the internet.

So, let’s get started with the list of top 10 free proxy servers!


HideMyAss is the world renowned proxy service which offers both VPN proxy service and website proxy service which is available free of cost. The website provides an easy to use address bar where the users can put the URL that he wish to visit, this grants access to the user without even having to reveal his original IP address. The site also offers features like SSL certification along with some other features.


This free web proxy service is aimed at providing the user unrestricted passage to the internet. The website offers a very easy to use interface and in a blue box, a list of URLs is provided from where you can easily visit the sites. The user’s original IP address is also displayed until he changes it.


The procedure for accessing a website on this free proxy site is similar to the one as used by HideMyAss, where you enter your desired URL in the provided URL box. The result of the process is unrestricted and anonymous access to the internet.

Hide.me Proxy

First of all the most attractive feature to this free proxy site is, that it does not offer any annoying ads while you surf the web. The user interface is also easy to use and is same as HideMyAss. Furthermore, you can choose your IP address from among three different locations namely USA, Germany and Netherlands.


Well! The name suggests a lot about this free proxy site, where you can use a mouse, and the cyber-criminals are cats which are eager to get their hands on you. So, this AnonyMouse free proxy site is all about making you go anonymous from under the secure tunnels and protect you from the cats of the world of internet.


The best feature of this free proxy site is that you won’t face any reduction in the speed of your internet while using this proxy. There are options available if the user wishes to encrypt their data or not, whether you want to allow cookies and individual scripts or not.


This free proxy site also offers features like the ones explained above, if you wish to allow certain cookies or not and several other features. The user interface is also easy to use and is as same as HideMyAss proxy service.


Very easy to use user interface is the best feature of this free proxy site, the site offers the best anonymity and safe browsing experience to its users. Thus, protecting the user from cyber-criminals and from other threats.


This free proxy site also provides an easy user interface and allows the user to choose among a variety of other options available; the user can choose whether he want the encryption to be active or not, and there are several other customization options available.


kProxy is the last free proxy site that is going to make it to our list of top ten free proxy servers, the site does not incorporate any limits and protects your anonymity on the go. With its easy to use interface, the site offers multiple protocols and support features.


Above we made an attempt to provide you a list of top 10 free proxy servers and also made an effort to explain as to how a proxy service protects you from cyber threats. We hope the guide was of help to the reader.

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