The word “antivirus application” stems from the early period of PC viruses, in which software were created to prevent and remove them from spreading. But, over the passive of time, different types of malware, often called malicious software, emerged as a threat to work and personal computer worldwide. “Malware” is a term which covered many types of malicious software, including PC viruses.

Although, antivirus created to fight new malware and prevent your computer from spreading the malware. There are 5 major types of malware:

  • Trojan Horses
  • Worm
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Rootkits

The only way to stay secure on the internet or from the malware is to update your PC when impelled and to purchase 3rd-party antivirus services that protect yourself 24/7.

However, the most confusing part of purchasing an antivirus is searching the top service for your requirements. The best services are premium security suites that are comprehensive tools. These suites help you shield your computer from the most dangerous malware with a variety of protections and measures. We create a table of top 10 antivirus providers, which is below:

Top 10 Antivirus Providers

Rank VPN Provider Price Review Website
1 BitDefender $29.95 BitDefender Review Visit BitDefender
2 Norton Security $39.99 Norton Review Visit Norton
3 KasperSky $59.99 KasperSky Review Visit KasperSky
4 Avira $44.99 Avira Review Visit Avira
5 McAfee $59.99 McAfee Review Visit McAfee
6 F-Secure $39.99 F-Secure Review Visit F-Secure
7 Trend Micro $34.95 Trend Micro Review Visit Trend Micro
8 Panda $21.99 Panda Review Visit Panda
9 Bull Guard $17.97 Bull Guard Review Visit Bull Guard
10 eScan 29.95 eScan Review Visit eScan

Note: No matter which antivirus you choose as per your requirements, but our personal recommended antivirus is BitDefender Antivirus. The choice is yours!