March 17, 2017 Tech Giants Microsoft and Intel Announce New Bug Bounties

Tech Giants Microsoft and Intel Announce New Bug Bounties

After keeping mum as other tech firms put up bug bounties, microchip manufacturer Intel has finally joined the club. The firm has put out up to $30,000 for those who will be able to fish out any vulnerabilities in its pieces of software.

Tech Giants Microsoft and Intel Announce New Bug Bounties
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Such perks are enough to draw the attention of white hat hackers who earn a living finding security flaws in technology firms for huge perks. Intel put the bug bounty on the online platform HackerOne Platform on an invite-only basis. Intel made the announcement at the CanSecWest conference being held in Vancouver.

All-Round Coverage

The bug bounty will be covering various aspects of the firm’s products from the hardware, software and even the firmware. If one finds a critical issue with the software and firmware, they will be getting up to $7,500 and $10,000 in that order.

In a report, Intel stated that they “want to encourage researchers to identify issues and bring them to us directly so that we can take prompt steps to evaluate and correct them, and we want to recognize researchers for the work that they put in when researching a vulnerability. By partnering constructively with the security research community, we believe we will be better able to protect our customers.”

Even more bounties

For the high-severity vulnerabilities unearthed on the hardware, bounty hunters will be eligible for $10,000. For the hardware vulnerabilities that are of medium-severity, one will get $2,000. The low-severity hardware vulnerabilities will earn $1,000. These amounts are more than most bounties on online platforms.

Most technology firms offering bug bounties have much less than that with some offering as low as $50. Thanks to the efforts of Intel, white hat hackers have something to look up to. For the high-severity firmware bugs, hackers will be eligible for $5,000. The firm will part with half the amount of high-severity software issues. However, Intel has kept off the list of the bounties its security department, recent acquisitions, and its web infrastructure.

Enter Microsoft

The Windows giant has also put out bug bounty on its Office Insider Builds on Windows. These insider builds are meant to offer Microsoft users pre-release versions of its office apps to try out the features before they are released to the public. In this way, Microsoft is offering its Insider Build users the chance to find the issues in the software and get paid for it.

In its program, one can earn up to $15,000 on high-severity issues in the privilege vulnerabilities in its software for the Office Protected View. The same amount can be earned by those who find vulnerabilities in the in the security policies in the macros of the software. For the Outlook bug that bypasses the program’s attachment blood policies, Microsoft is willing to offer up to $9,000. The Microsoft bug bounty program will begin today until the 15th of June.

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