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Syrian Cyber Army Takes Responsibility Hacking Belgian Media Channels

Syrian Cyber Army Takes Responsibility Hacking Belgian Media Channels

Some media channels in Belgium have declared an outbreak of malicious attacks that have rendered their online services unavailable. A certain group of hackers from Syria have assumed the responsibility of this crime. Their intention was to get even with the Belgian air force which had previously waged an air assault against them in a village somewhere near Aleppo.

Syrian Cyber Army Takes Responsibility Hacking Belgian Media Channels

There was quite a number of Belgian news websites that were reported to have been targeted by these online rebels. They had all fallen prey to a series of organized DDoS attacks which caused their online portals to shut down. The insidious attacks took place in the afternoon of last Monday. A certain online activist group which calls themselves the Syrian Cyber Army solicits liability to towards the incident. They admit of having held the bag on these cyber-attacks.

The Syrian vigilantes assert that the Belgian press is somehow supporting the government’s plans against Syria by concealing the truth of what its armies, especially the air force, is actually doing in the land. They want to get retribution from the media for their unfair actions.

The hackers disrupt the media’s online portal with a threatening message. In this message, they try to invoke the entire international online community to support their cause against the Belgian government.

It is interesting to note that these online strikes came as an aftermath of the report which came from the Russian Defense Ministry. On October 18, six civilians were killed in an airstrike allegedly carried over by two Belgian F-16 jets which came hovering over Hassadjek coming from Jordan. By all means, the government of Belgium refuted engagement in this military operation and stipulated that Russia should retract their allegations.

A Belgian newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad, reckoned that the Russian government supports these hackers and backs them up with their financial needs. It has been speculated that the cyber-attacks had been executed somewhere from Turkey. Although, the investigation is still yet to begin according to the federal prosecutor.

Nevertheless, plenty of hacker groups from Syria have declared responsibility for online attacks against different news organizations which they suspect to have given the Assad leadership a bad face. A prestigious name among them is the Syrian Electronic Army. They are established in the year 2011. Their major targets are the huge online British and Arabic new portals as well as the national public radio. They also hit on other new outlets that would attempt to destroy the reputation of Assad’s government.

It is a useless struggle for these online vigilantes. Their strategies have already been uncovered. Some of them have even turned out to be a mockery to their cause.

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