Sync Review

One of the things that the founders of Sync keep on telling us is that they want to develop Sync into the most secure cloud storage service in the world. In this Sync review, we evaluate various aspects of the cloud storage service and give our opinion on whether or not you should take the words of the founders seriously.

Sync Review


  • The service has excellent file sharing functionality. You will find the entire file sharing process very secure.
  • The service is one of the most secure cloud storage services in the industry.
  • The pricing plan is not scary, given that they offer you so many other benefits in addition to the money that you pay for the service.


  • As much as the service lets you share your files in the most secure way, you have to purchase the advanced plans for you to do this.
  • The speed with which the service performs when you are syncing is limited.

Full Sync Review


Sync allows you to carry out the most basic functions that you would find in any cloud storage service. For example, you can store copies of your files on the cloud and access them whenever you need them. You can also organize the files that you store on the cloud into folders. When you do this, you can manage the files better during work. You can also share your files and folders with the people you work with when you use this cloud storage service.


You can buy any of the following four plans of this service: starter, business pro 1, 2 and 3. All these plans have different benefits in the form of the amount of space that you will access to store your files, among other things. When you choose the most expensive plan, the Business Pro 3, you will have to pay $98 per year and access 2TB of storage space. We think that this price is quite high.

Sync Price

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Disk Storage

You do not have to worry about the speed of your computer dipping when you are using any cloud storage service. As long as you a good internet speed, you can access any of these services at your convenience. Regarding Sync, the service does not slow down your machine. However, you have limitations when it comes to how fast you can upload and download files. We do not hold this against Sync since we have noted that when you use many other cloud storage services, you are likely to encounter slightly higher or even lower speeds when you upload or download files.

Backup Solution

Sync lets you to backup all the files and folders that you choose to upload to it. We have just mentioned that the uploading process may be time-consuming. Therefore, when you wish to back up your files, you must create enough time to go the rigors of uploading them. Alternatively, you can easily create files using Sync. When you create files using Sync, the program automatically backs up the files in your drive account.

Web App

Sync has web apps which you can use on any device. Whether your device runs on Android or iOS, you can easily download and install the Sync app. We find that the app works very well at all times. Furthermore, we think that the app is very functional and useful in the current times when computing is completely mobile.

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Sync is compatible with very many devices. Therefore, we do not find anything unusual concerning the way the service is compatible with different devices. Because the service is compatible with a broad range of devices, you do not have to worry about the operating system of your device when you decide to use Sync cloud storage services. We think that it is now an industry standard for any cloud storage service to be compatible with nearly all mobile devices. You can use any cloud storage service on any device.

Sync Compatibility


After analyzing how Sync performs and how well it is secure, we conclude that the developers of this service did a good job to secure all the information that you upload when using the service. First, Sync says that it cannot access your data. We cannot verify this claim that the company cannot access your data but from what we have gathered, we believe that your data will be very secure when you choose to use Sync.

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team of Sync whenever you run into problems when using the service. We think that the performance of the client support team is average.

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