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Symantec Norton Security Review

Symantec Norton Security Review

Symantec Norton Security is one of the oldest antivirus programs in the market. The company decided to change the name of the product into Symantec Norton Security as a way of showing how the new product is effective in handling a broad range of security issues in computing. In the following Symantec Norton Security review, I look at some of the things that make Symantec Norton Security one of the best antivirus programs on the market.

Symantec Norton Security Review


  • The process of installing the antivirus program is relatively easy.
  • Norton security has been on the market for over 30 years, and this has helped them to develop a good internet security research team.
  • The price is relatively low.


  • There are times when the antivirus fails to recognize new threats.
  • There are certain online scams which masquerade as Norton Security.

Full Symantec Norton Security review

Features of Symantec Norton Security

Symantec Norton Security protects your computer against all known forms of malware. You need to activate the program once you download and install it on your machine. Once you turn the program on, the program runs in the background to protect you computer against any malware like viruses and Trojan horses. The software also works to secure your emails and social network accounts. This way, the program helps you to carry out your online activities without the threat that you can fall victim to malware or any other online threat.


You will be able to secure three devices for one full year using this program at a price of $39.9. We find this relatively low, given that many antivirus software products that are in the market will cost you way more than this. Interestingly, we think that the relatively low price of this program is an advantage to you since the program performs well concerning accurately identifying and eliminating malware threats.

Symantec Norton Security Price


Symantec has worked hard to guarantee you safety when using this product. The Norton Security product lets you fully secure your privacy and safety. The product does this by protecting you against websites which are not safe. This way, you are protected against falling prey to online identity thieves.


Symantec Norton security requires about 300MB space for it to operate well. We find that this space requirement is not very different from what other antivirus software need. Furthermore, Norton Security uses a relatively small amount of resources when it is running on your PC. When running the program, you are unlikely to experience delays in the manner in which your computer executes commands, which usually is a result of one of two programs consuming a lot of resources. We think that this is a good thing about Norton Security.

Web App

You can access your account on the Symantec website. From your account, you can access information about new offers that the company avails in the market. You can also manage the antivirus program from your account. The Symantec website looks relatively easy to use and attractive. We think that on this score, the company scores well above average.


Norton Security is compatible with all machines that run on different versions of Windows Operating System. The antivirus is compatible with the following versions of Windows Operating System: Vista, 7, 8, 10 and surprisingly, XP. Your machine must also meet the basic technical standards for you to install and enjoy the services of this operation. For example, your device should have a processor speed of about 1GZ and a RAM capacity of at least 256 MB.

Symantec Norton Security Compatibility

Payment Options

There are very many ways in which you can pay for your Symantec Norton Security package. After you have exhausted the 60-day trial period, you can choose to pay for a full version of the program using your credit card or even other methods such as PayPal. We found that the process of paying for this antivirus is relatively fast, secure and convenient. We think that Symantec, like many other companies selling anti-virus software, is doing a good job.

Customer Support

You can easily contact the client service team when you encounter a problem related to the program. You can access support using the online account that you get when you purchase this program, or you can only call them. We have found that Symantec tends to respond to customer problems relatively fast. The company attendants understand all the technical aspects of the product, and they can help you solve nearly any problem that you may encounter when using the program.

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