Suspected Lizard Squad Members Arrested in America

The United States and Netherlands had arrested two suspected Lizard Squad hackers last month. A certain Zachary Buchta of Fallston, Maryland and Bradley Jan Willen van Rooy of Leiden were both detained by law enforcement in their respective countries. Both suspects are teenagers and they are facing charges of a conspiracy on infringing computer security. The maximum sentence for the alleged crime is ten year in prison.

Suspected Lizard Squad Members Arrested in America
Credit: TheCosmicWolf / Wikipedia

U.S. authorities accused the two suspects of operating a service called LizardStresser DDoS which allows users to attack network servers of various utility service companies. They are also suspected of stealing payment card information from several people and transporting them to interested parties.

These two juvenile criminals had been associated by both the United States and Netherlands law enforcement as members of the LizardSquad and PoodleCorp hacking group. LizardSquad and PoodleCorp are responsible for the colossal DDoS attacks on several gaming companies. Lizard Squad is also famous for hacking the Lenovo, Malaysia Airlines and Cox websites.

Buchta, the Department of Justice said, used the following labels online: “@fbiarelosers”, “pein”, “xotehpoodle” and “lizard”. Van Rooy used the Internet handles “Uchicha”, “@UchichLS”, “Dragon” and “Fox”. The FBI also mentioned two other individuals associated with LizardSquad and PoodleCorp but they were not identified. They were just known for their online appellations: “ChippyShell” and “AppleJ4ck”.

In the FBI’s affidavit, it was written that Buchta had been using the Twitter handle @fbiarelosers to send private messages to other LizardSquad members on Twitter. It was here that they made secret discussions about the DDoS attacks. This Twitter account was linked to a phone number associated with Buchta’s residence. The investigators were able to debunk this intelligence through records obtained from Twitter, AT&T and Sprint.

The investigators also had determined that Buchta used a Comcast account to access @fbiarelosers as well as other websites operated by LizardSquad and PoodleCorp. Records from Comcast proves this allegation. Buchta had accessed his Comcast account at exactly the same time the DDoS discussions took place. This account was often caught connected to an overseas VPN service.

Meanwhile, in Netherlands, it had not been very difficult for the authorities to distinguish Van Roy’s identity. He seemed to have neglected the thought of hiding his real IP address when accessing his Twitter account to communicate with LizardSquad. Hence, law enforcement easily linked his IP address to his residence in Leiden.

Using the Twitter handle @UchichaLS, Van Rooy bragged about his location in a private conversation with other Twitter users. He claimed that the police would not easily believe his crime even if they traced him because he was just located right above their office. They would simply think he was just playing some teenage mischief.

There had been at least two individuals in the UK who were suspected by the police last year of being involved with the LizardSquad but no convictions were reported of these individuals. In Finland, another teenager had been suspected of allegiance with the LizardSquad. The youngster was convicted on fraud and harassment charges but was only given a suspended sentence. The UK authorities had arrested six individuals who are accused of using LizardSquad’s DDoS Service.

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