March 27, 2017 stop your gadgets from spying

7 Easy Ways to Stop Your Gadgets From Spying on You

For all we may know, everything at the moment is connected to the internet. We have smart glasses, smart TVs, smart fridges and just about anything else in the home. While this is awesome as it allows us to control them from a distance, it is also the same reason you are being spied on easily by the government and hackers. If you want to stop your gadgets from spying on you, follow these tips.

stop your gadgets from spying

Put Tape on Your Computer’s Camera

There are many threats out there that target the camera and microphone of computers and the gadgets in your home. Most of them are meant to activate the camera remotely and discreetly to video record everything that goes on in your home. Since you may not know when the recording may occur, simply tape the camera on the computer. You may do this on any camera there is a smart device in your home. By a smart device we mean anything with a processing unit and that can connect to the internet.

Use Uniquely Strong Passwords

The passwords for your email address, smart TV and just about everything else in your home should be strong and unique. By that it means that they should have a letter, a number, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and be longer than 8 characters. Even that, don’t have a single password for different accounts. A hacker getting into one will easily find their way around your devices to plant malware in them.

Keep your Software Up to Date

Each time an update is available for the operating system or single app, there are security patches being added. If you look at the various types of malware around, you will notice that many of them make use of the loopholes in the security of old versions of apps and operating systems. If you want to stop your gadgets from spying on you, better use the latest software on them.

Restrict the Location Services on Your Device

If every app is allowed to use the location services on your phone, it will be easy for malware to spy on you and send your actual location to the bad guys. Simply go to the location settings on your device and choose which apps will be using it. Even better, turn it off unless you want to use. It is a heavy battery user so turning it off will do you good in the battery department.

Turn Off the Voice Recognition Service on your Gadgets

iOS had ‘Hey Siri’ and Google has ‘Ok Google’ voice commands. These two are used by millions of people all over the word to make it easy to interact with their devices. However, it means that your Gadgets know your voice and thus can know who you are. If someone hacks you, for example, they would find your voice recorder there. The number of uses a hacker can use your voice is staggeringly enormous.

Turn Off the Tracking Features of your TV

If you didn’t know, most of the TV sets available at the moment come with many smarts including cameras and microphones. While they are originally intended to provide great user experience, they are also conduits through which anyone can track you. Turn off the tracking features for your voice, your motion and just about anything else. Only use them when you want the TV to perform certain tasks but we’d prefer you keep to the remote console of your TV.

Get Rid of the Voice Recordings on Your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a great gadget. That one we all agree. But if you care about your privacy, then chances are you don’t want some little gadget listening in on everything you say around the home. Keep in mind that the voice recording feature on your Echo is to provide you with better services. However, it tracks your voice and the patterns in it to establish what you want quickly. While this could be cool, look at the downside of being tracked by the Echo. After a few days, delete the recordings on the device to start a new. It won’t get any less effective by the way.

These steps will help you stop your gadgets from spying on you. They are easy steps to follow and anyone can do them. With the NSA, CIA, and hackers all wanting to listen into our lives, they will keep you safe from watchful eyes.

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