June 29, 2016 Stay Safe Online

5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online
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When it comes to staying safe online, it is always better to stay safe on the internet than be sorry later. Online safety is must nowadays and in this current era of internet one wrong step can lead you to drastic consequences. Fortunately, some ways will help you to stay safe online if only followed correctly.

Protect your Password

Of course, no-one reveals their password to anyone just like that but trust me sometimes it easier than this for you to end up with a compromised password. So, the first step is to keep the password only to yourself, but there is even more to it.

Don’t keep simple passwords which are easy to guess, for example, don’t use words which could easily be found in the dictionary. Also, make use of upper case letters, lower case letters, numerical and symbols while choosing a password, this is also another way of having a secure password which is not easy to guess.

Online Shopping

It is also in your best interest to stay cautious and safe while doing online shopping, especially when you happen to be using your credit card for payments because it is very likely that your credit card details will be stolen and used to buy something without your consent.

The things that you should keep in mind while doing online transactions is, only make such purchases on websites which starts with ‘https’ and not just ‘HTTP’. The ‘s’ in ‘https’, stands for secured which means that the communication between you and the website is secured, and could not be intercepted by any third party.

Keeping your Email Safe

Email hijacking is another method which is widely used by the hackers to threaten your online security and privacy; phishing emails are one such way used for hijacking emails.

So, next time when you receives a suspicious email in your inbox, do proceed with caution and just don’t click on it blindly. Because clicking on such emails or links provided in them can directly result in an unwanted program, malware or worm getting installed on your computer. If you can do this, then I am sure you will stay safe on the internet!

Enable Two-Step Verification to Stay Safe Online

Two-Step verification is also another method for being safe online. When you have two-step verification enabled on your accounts, it acts as an extra layer of protection and prevents anyone who tries to access your account without having the means to cross both the levels of security.

Two-step authorization uses something additional to the password which, supplementary information is required at the time of log in; it may be fingerprint or a one-time password sent to your mobile number.

Mobile Device Protection

Since almost all the online activities could also be carried out on mobile devices, it is important to pay attention towards their protection as well. Also, as stated above one-time password of two-step verification is also sent to the user’s phone then it becomes necessary that the mobile phone should not fall into wrong hands.

Enabling password protection on mobile devices is also crucial for the user, for him to be safe online.


Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to if someone has the required means and time to prey on you. However, the methods explained above will help you to stay safe online as much as possible.

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