September 24, 2016 Smarty DNS Review

Smarty DNS Review

Smarty DNS is one of the most popular Smart DNS services currently in the market. Several reasons make it one of the top Smart DNS services in the industry. However, the most important one is that the service has been operating for a considerably extended period. Therefore, many clients have tried and tested its services over the years. In this Smarty DNS review, we look at some of the features of Smarty DNS and then compare them to those of its rivals in the field.

Smarty DNS Review


  • Smarty DNS is one of the top DNS services in connectivity speeds.
  • The customer support team of the service responds questions fast and offers precise and useful information.
  • The prices of the service are fair when compared to those of other Smart DNS services in the industry.


  • Smarty DNS is available in the United States, Poland and the United Kingdom only.
  • The web app is not as appealing as one would expect.

Full Smarty DNS Review


Two things define the manner in which Smarty DNS service works. First, the service, like any other Smart DNS service, masks the IP addresses of the clients. By hiding the IP address, this service enables customers to bypass Internet censorship, access geo-restricted content and increase their overall level of online security.

Second, Smarty DNS, like any other DNS service, helps clients to access the internet in a unique manner without reducing the actual connectivity speeds that customers enjoy. The ability of Smart DNS services to maintain the connectivity speeds of clients is the main difference between Smart DNS services and VPN services. VPN services encrypt client traffic and then re-route the encrypted traffic through secure tunnels. The encryption and re-routing may compromise connectivity speeds.

On the other hand, Smart VPN services do not encrypt client traffic. Rather, Smart DNS services only mask the IP address of clients and make the clients appear to be located in specific countries different from their actual locations. Therefore, when using a Smart DNS service, you can access the internet at a normal speed.


Smarty DNS has three pricing plans: the one month plan, the six months plan and the twelve months plan. The one month plan costs $4.99. For the six months plan, clients have to pay $23.99 to use the service for the six months. Lastly, the twelve months plan costs $39.99 for the full year.

smarty-dns-priceWe think that these price plans are fair. In fact, the prices are almost similar to those charged by other leading Smart DNS services such as Unlocator and UnblockUS.


The number and distribution of servers define the success of any Smart DNS service. In fact, this factor is critical in determining the success of a VPN service as well. In this case, Smart DNS has servers in different countries in the various regions of the world. The strong server network helps clients to choose the servers that they are closest to so that they can enjoy high connectivity speeds.


Smart DNS services do not encrypt client data. Therefore, Smarty DNS does not encrypt your data. This may be beneficial as much as it may be harmful. On the positive side, since Smart DNS services do not encrypt data, clients can successfully use them to access different content streaming sites at relatively high speeds. On the downside, Smart DNS services are not as secure as VPN services.

Web App

The Web App of Smarty DNS has an excellent design. Besides, you can navigate the app with ease and get all the functionalities that may need. You can change your individual settings using special features on the web app.


smarty-dns-compatibilityYou can use Smarty DNS on the following devices: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, PS4, PS3, among many other devices. Besides, you can install and use the service on any of these devices with relative ease. The installation process is short and easy to follow.

Payment Options

You can pay for your Smarty DNS plan using any of these payment methods: Yandex, Pay Pal, AliPay, Qiwi and Webmoney. You need to remember that Smarty DNS offers clients a free trial period of 14 days. You may pay for the specific plan that you choose after the free trial period.

Customer Support

You can contact the client support team of the service using the ticketing system or by chatting with a representative. In our tests, we found that the customer support team responds to request promptly. We also found that the team provides useful information.

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