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How to shop online safely – A Quick Guide

shop online safely
shop online safely
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With the rise of globalization, the trend of online shopping has become popular and is increasing very rapidly. It is now a big business with huge numbers of consumers across the world turning to the online store to purchase goods. Whether buying clothes, accessories or anything, shopping has become easier for consumers around the globe. It provides products matching people’s taste and with numerous selection list the consumer have many options to choose. Another feature which adds a plus point is the delivery speed. A customer may receive the product within 3-4 days, and some of the online stores also deliver the product within a day. In a study, it was reported that the online retail markets in the US, UK, Germany and China, such as Google and PayPal, etc. is estimated will double to £ 645 billion by 2018.

Such rise has caught the attention of the cyber criminals who are keen to interrupt consumers benefitting from such online purchases. With keeping this mind we will try to focus on few general safety measures to be taken while you opt for shopping online next time.

6 Methods to Shop Online Safely

  1. Use trusted sites – It is always advised to purchase only from well-known sites to get an original product. Quite often we see numerous sites are selling the same product with different price tag and seller, and while price makes a difference, it is advisable not to buy from a suspicious site just because it is selling the same product at a lower price. There are many trusted sites such as, which is secure and safe and lies its principle over customer satisfaction.
  2. Secure payments – For secure payments, it is necessary to check whether the website follows safe payment procedures and have SSL encryption installed in it. You can see it at the IP address you are visiting. SSL secured connection always starts with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. It is advised not to give your credit card information over email to shop online safely.
  3. Keep your PC updated – To strengthen your security you have to keep your system updated. Online security threats not always gets attracted from your surfing of internet; they might get in through malware existing in your PC. It won’t matter much as how secure the site is since every information primarily goes through the PC and then online which is likely to make way for perpetrators, Trojans, etc. It can be countered by keeping your software updated and well checked.
  4. Install anti-malware and anti-viruses – Even after knowing this to be a very logical step for any protection, especially to shop online safely, many users choose to let this security method behind. It is a most common and an easy way to mitigate and resolve any affected area on your PC. It is recommended to keep your anti-virus updated.
  5. Privatize your Wi-Fi – Using a public Wi-Fi may leak some necessary information from your side. Using a VPN enables a stable network directly from your system to the destination you want to visit with maintaining anonymity together. For a regular internet user, VPN service helps to keep anonymity as well as directing threats away from your original IP. Viewed history of the user is secure without the risk of any hack. It is advised not to use hotspot you are not familiar.
  6. Countercheck bank statements – It is recommended to check the bank statements and look at electronic statements for all your credit or debit card on a regular basis. If you see any fraudulent transaction made through the credit card, it is advisable to complain about the same at the first instance. It is fundamental to shop online safely. Also checking your statements is technically a smart way to ensure that your monetary affairs are in order.


In spite of all the threats, there is no reason why anyone should quit online shopping. Online shopping has become a gift that the internet offers and is equally efficient. Cyber-crimes may happen, but these can be mitigated by following some of the security measures herein above mentioned avoiding other kinds of vulnerabilities.

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