March 13, 2017 Share Files Anonymously via TOR

How to Share Files Anonymously via TOR – Step By Step!

With private networks, you can share any file without interruptions. You can share files anonymously via TOR as it is the best of them all. Anonymity continues to be a major issue in the recent times given the increased number of security breaches reported. Also, there are cases of government surveillance which send many people to use secure means of communication such as TOR. It is favored for many reasons.

Reasons to Use TOR

  • You can share many types of folders or files at the same time.
  • It has an interface that is friendly to the user. The interface is simple on all operating systems including Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • You can also download many files at the same time. No limitations to this regard unlike other private networks. You simply click on ‘download’ even if there are files queued up.
  • You can view the progress of your files as they are being transferred. Few other services have this very handy feature.
  • Many people can also download the file at once from the same service. You can thus have several people downloading the same file from the same source at the same time.
  • The service can be accessed from any language across the world. You can thus share files with anyone across the world and they will view them without difficulty.
  • Given that the URL you will be using cannot be easily guessed, TOR has a clever way of copying it to the clipboard automatically.
  • Upon the completion of the file transfer process, TOR closes down OnionShare. This aspect is meant to narrow down the attack surface as much as possible.
  • If you are to share files anonymously via TOR, you enjoy top-level security. No third party can access the files you would have shared over the network. Even the authorities cannot snoop on the data you send and that which you receive. You are sure of that.
  • It offers total privacy for parties on both ends of the communication. The identity of the sender and their recipient is well-protected by the network. This level of anonymity cannot be obtained easily on the internet.
  • In the case that you are hacked when using TOR to share files, the files shared are not tampered with in any way. They stay safe always.

The only downside found with TOR is that communication carried out on the OnionShare URL is not very secure. It should thus be used only in a short while then shut down. Also, communications carried out on the OnionShare URL may not be altogether anonymous. Thus, you can share data anonymously over TOR but other types of communication are discouraged.

Making it Work for You

Now that we have established the advantages and disadvantages of using TOR, here is how to use it to share files anonymously.

  • First of all, go to the OnionShare official site. You can access it from Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems. Can use any browser for this procedure as it works whether the browser is secure or not.
  • You then need to download the TOR browser and launch it. It is a free browser that offers you privacy of a high level. It is upon this browser that the TOR service runs and can be accessed from this link.
  • With OnionShare running on your computer, drag and drop the files you intend to share. Press the Start Sharing button where the program will show an URL with a .onion domain. It will be automatically copied to your clipboard. This is the URL people can use to download the files you have shared. If you need many people to download it, make sure the Close Automatically box is not checked. You can then send the URL to the person you need. If you have no intention to keep everything very secure, you can send it over most conventional methods. Facebook, Twitter and others will work. However, if you need to keep everything secure, you find a secure method of sending the files. Sending the URL over a VPN network can do the trick.
  • For it to work, your recipients have to open the URL on a TOR browser. The URL will not work anywhere else for security reasons.

Having to share files anonymously via TOR is the most secure way available. As observed here, it is very easy to use for secure file sharing. For most people, it is one way to communicate online and another to be secure there. Most methods, including proxies, may be breached with ease. With TOR, the level of security is high enough to win the trust of millions of users around the world.

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