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5 Best Ways to Secure Your Office 365 Data

secure your office 365 data

As many organizations are adopting Office 365, the need to ensure that the data that they store on the application is safe becomes clear. Organizations stand to lose a lot when hackers gain access to the data that the companies store on the cloud storage services. On the one hand, when hackers hack into cloud storage services, they can leak all the sensitive client data that companies store on the cloud. Therefore, you need to take all the necessary steps to secure your office 365 data.

secure your office 365 data
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Why cloud attacks are common

Several reasons explain why many cyber attacks nowadays target cloud storage services. Here are some of the major reasons:

  1. Cloud storage services are still new. Therefore, some cloud storage services remain vulnerable to attacks. This means that criminals are constantly trying to develop new ways to access client data which is on the cloud storage services.
  2. Many organizations are adopting cloud storage services. Therefore, criminals seek to access client data by trying to hack cloud storage services.
  3. Many people are involved in ensuring that client data which is on the cloud is safe. For example, some organizations may request their cloud storage service providers to give them the encryption keys. This is one of the ways that some companies use to gain more access to their data security. However, the involvement of many parties in keeping cloud data safe creates opportunities for criminals. For example, a rogue employee may run access the keys and disclose the information to external parties. Therefore, since many people are involved in the process, this makes cloud storage a vulnerable target for criminals.

Results of losing your Office 365 data

Many things may happen if you lose the data that you store on Office 365. The most obvious one is that you may lose your credibility as an organization. Since you store client data on the cloud, when you lose the data, it is highly likely that the customers will hold you entirely responsible for the loss. The second one is that you may end up losing control over your accounts if hackers access the data during a cloud breach.

  1. Data Loss Prevention

If you use a strategy that will prevent data loss, it will make sure that your personal or confidential are intact and not shared anywhere. You can also use it to specify where your data can be saved and where it cannot. Some of the safe places you can specify for saving your data include SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

  1. Message encryption

Encrypting your Office 365 message is a sure way to ensure its safety. If the recipient of the message wants to read it, he or she must log in to access and reply the message that is already encrypted. To do this, the recipient must use a passcode without which access will be impossible. To give more security to your Office 365 data, customize the means of interaction such as the interaction portal and the notification process.

  1. Use multi-factor authentication

The multi-factor authentication technique offers one of the best securities for your Office 365 data. If a user wants to access data that is secured with this security measure. The user will supply more information than the password and username. Through one of the two avenues, he or she will be asked to provide a secret code to enter before gaining access to the information. Without access to the secret code, the user cannot proceed. In that way, your data is well secured.

  1. Use Mobile Device Management

With this management plan, you can protect your data from end users. This is possible as you can set up different policies that will ensure maximum protection of your data. Some of the practical strategies you can use include setting up user levels and managing their devices. If necessary, you can delete any data for security reasons.

  1. Client security

You shouldn’t overlook the security of the clients that will want to access the Office environment. Make sure that the customer’s machines have security patches that are not obsolete before they gain entry to your environment. In this way, you are confident that you are safe.


In conclusion, you can secure your office 365 data by doing several things. However, you can use these five basic methods to ensure that the data you store on the cloud remains secure all the time. The logic behind using these methods is that you have to reduce the number of people who have access to the data and ensure that you keep your credentials safe.

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