November 14, 2016 Secure your Cloud Data

A Quick and Simple Guide to Secure your Cloud Data

The data that you store on the cloud is not completely secure. There are very many factors that make you cloud data open to hacks and other forms of danger. However, remember that cloud storage services are new developments. There are still very many security-related issues for cloud storage services that experts have to solve. Besides, many individuals and organisations use public cloud storage services. Therefore, it is easy for hackers to target public clouds. All these factors mean that you need to take the issue to secure your cloud data seriously.

Secure your Cloud Data
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4 Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data

Here are some of the things you can do to secure your cloud data:

Use encryption

Encryption is one of the most trusted methods you can use to make sure that your cloud data is secure. Many public cloud storage services say that they use the best encryption protocols to keep your data safe. However, for you to secure your cloud data, you need to be responsible enough to find out how your service provider encrypts your data.

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The best encryption practice is that under which the cloud storage service encrypts files when you are downloading or uploading them. Hackers have devised methods that they use to access files which are in transit. Therefore, talk to your service provider to ensure that they not only encrypt your data at storage but also encrypt it when it is in transit.

Create very strong passwords for your accounts

If you are running an organisation, it is important to teach your employees how to create and use very strong passwords. In any organisation that uses a public cloud storage service, the mistakes of one employee can cause a lot of damage to the data of the entire organisation. Also, if you happen to lose the password to your personal cloud storage account, the chances are that hackers may end up accessing your personal data. Also, attackers can easily launch whaling attacks against you when they can access your login details.

There are very many things you can do about managing your passwords effectively. One of them is to create very strong and efficient passwords. When you combine upper case and lower case letters in your passwords, you make it difficult for hackers to guess your password. You also need to ensure that you use long passwords as short passwords are quite vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Also, ensure that you change the passwords of your accounts often. Regularly changing your passwords will help you to secure your cloud data.

Choose your cloud service provider wisely

There are very many things that you should consider when choosing a cloud storage service. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

  1. The length of time that your service provider has been in business. It is not necessarily true that old service providers are better than their new counterparts. However, many people have tested the services of old service providers. This may give old service providers a stronger appeal to new clients than the new entrants. However, at times, new services may provide very attractive services that you may have to consider. Either way, remember to consider the length of time that a service provider has been in business.
  2. Look at the policy that the company users. All public cloud storage services have specific policies in place. The policies cover a lot of technical and technical things. For example, they may relate to the methods that the company uses to encrypt client data. They may also contain details on how the company manages the encryption keys. Make a point of revising all the details about the policies that the companies use before choosing one of them. Carefully reviewing company policies will go a long way in helping you to secure your cloud data.

Making sure that your devices are safe

The safety of your devices is one of the main methods you can use to secure your cloud data. You need to use basic internet security software programs to ensure that your device is out of reach of hackers. When your device is safe, hackers cannot access the data that you store on the device. This practice will help to keep your cloud data safe.

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In conclusion, you can secure your cloud data by doing some things. You have to make sure that your devices are safe. Then, you should choose your cloud storage service providers wisely. You should remember to use very strong passwords for your accounts. Lastly, enforce data encryption.

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