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How to Secure Webmail: 4 of the Most Important Tips

Secure Webmail

Your webmail remains the most important door that hackers can use to access your personal information. It then follows that when you secure your webmail, you can dramatically improve your level of personal security and privacy. There are very many things that you can do to secure webmail. However, some of these methods are more effective than the others.

Secure Webmail
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4 Methods to Secure Webmail

Here are some of the most effective tips that you can use to secure webmail and improve the level of your personal security and privacy.

1. Make effective use of passwords

Your passwords provide you with the first line of defense against hackers and other types of cyber criminals. In practice, many people fail to observe the basic measures of using passwords. For example, it is common to find people sharing passwords among their several accounts. The problem of sharing passwords is that it makes you vulnerable to hackers. If hackers successfully hack your password, they can then easily access all your accounts that use the same password. Hence, the hackers can cause you a lot of damage if they happen to crack a single password that you use for multiple accounts.

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You need to use complicated passwords for all your accounts. Also, if you have multiple accounts, make sure that you use different passwords for all your accounts. Alternatively, you can use a password manager to generate very strong passwords for you. If you choose to use a password manager, you will only have to create a single master password that you will be using to access your password vault.

2. Use multiple accounts

In the current times, you will have to sign up for even hundreds of sites. Besides, you will have to manage correspondence related to work and other personal issues. Moreover, you will receive many notifications from your social media sites. To keep your life neat and secure, you may have to create and manage several email accounts. Set aside one account for formal communication. You can set up other email accounts that you can use for your social media activities.

The importance of having multiple email accounts cannot be overemphasized. On the one hand, when you have multiple accounts, you can easily avoid the danger of hackers accessing all your information if they ever manage to hack into your account. On the other hand, you can separate your social life from your important professional life by using different email addresses.

3. be wary of attachments

Not all attachments that you receive in your inbox are poisoned chalices. Some attachments are genuine files that you need to use. The idea behind being wary of email attachments is to avoid downloading attachments from senders who you do not recognize. More often than not, email attachments from people you do not recognize may contain malicious files. If you happen to download such attachments, you may end up having an infected device.

Therefore, always avoid downloading attachments in emails from senders who you do not recognize. The best thing to do when you get emails from people you do not recognize is to ignore the email messages altogether.

4. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks

The problem with public Wi-Fi networks is that hackers can easily penetrate them. If hackers manage to penetrate a public Wi-Fi network, they can use advanced hacking tools to identify potential targets and end up stealing passwords and other login credentials of people using the network.

One best method of securing your data when using a public Wi-Fi network is to use a VPN. A VPN usually hides your identity. Besides a good VPN service conceals your traffic in such a manner that hackers cannot track your online activities.

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Therefore, you are better off when you avoid using a public Wi-Fi network to check your email. However, if you have to use a public Wi-Fi network, you may have to use a VPN service to increase your level of security and privacy.


In conclusion, there are very many things that you can do to secure webmail. However, being wary of attachments, using different addresses and using very strong passwords are some of the most important things that you can do. You may also have to use a VPN service when you are accessing your mail on a public Wi-Fi network.

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