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Learn to Secure Facebook account with these simple tips

Secure Facebook account

Facebook, yeah!! That’s a pleasant start to an article, well this is an article for people who share almost everything on Facebook, and like “feeling alone with 52 people” I know, right!? Jokes apart, everyone wants to protect their privacy on Facebook and want a secure Facebook account and here are few tips for you.

Secure Facebook account

6 Tips to Secure Facebook Account

  • Use a Good Password: Yeah that’s right! You can’t use your name (or your crush’s) as a password anymore. If you want to make sure no one gets access to your account make sure you have a good password. Like, use symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. This makes it difficult for hackers to hack even with brute force (no, they will not attack you physically).
  • Ensure What People are watching on Your Profile:  This is an exhaustive work to do but protecting your privacy is worth it. Facebook offers multiple privacy settings, like what others can see about you. You can change these settings, like the post that you want only your close friends to see you wouldn’t want it to be read by a stranger that is not even on your friend list (or you added him just for the sake of increasing your number of friends). You can change these settings for your photo albums, your posts, etc. about your section. It takes time but your privacy is more important. To access the privacy settings just click the down-pointing arrow at the top right corner of your post section and select who can see this post of yours.
  •  Update your Email and Phone Number Linked to Your Account: If you have linked an email to your account and had no access to it, then it is time to change it. To secure Facebook account your email or your phone number that is linked to your account are most important things for it. If in case your account gets hacked or you forget your password, these are the most useful tools to get your account back.
  • Turn Secure Browsing and login Alerts On:  You don’t need to understand what’s a secure browsing is, just for your information it is a useful tool to protect you from getting spied on.  Login alerts are also very useful tool for you. With this setting turned on, you will receive a text on your phone with your login details whenever you log in to your account, and you will come to know if you got a text and didn’t access your account.
  • Check the Apps before giving out Permissions:  All the apps you use, the new games, the love meters, they all seem so innocent, BUT BEWARE!! Check on what permissions they are asking from you. These apps can steal all your private details and also can get access to your account if you give out permission to it blindly. So check before you use any app on Facebook and you can also manage your apps so remove any app you don’t want to use or find it suspicious.
  • BEWARE OF PHISHING: This you need to know as this is the easiest way for a hacker to know your id and password. You give it away to him by clicking on a link that is planted by him. This can be used for mass hacking of accounts. So be careful and do not click on any suspicious links. To protect yourself from such links turn on secure browsing (refer to step 5). And just to be sure, keep changing your password at frequent intervals.

IN THE END, BE SAFE and HAPPY FACEBOOKING with a secure Facebook account.

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