Most Secure Browsers in Year 2017

2016 has been a curvy year for security and the technology department. The world has evolved a lot from 2010 and it has become more complicated now than it was 6 years ago. Many and many things have changed including a number of hackers now targeting internet websites and companies, the security used to counter these attacks and the number of companies which have sprung up in the said timeframe. So in 2016, what do secure browsers mean? Is it a most secure browser which anonymizes its data and gives the user a sense of privacy while they are on the Internet?

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Or rather a browser which is able to stop ad trackers from following each and every one of your moves. How about a browser which has added some features such as the URL filtering, download protection and didn’t track features onto it.

Top 5 Most Secure Browsers

So here we begin giving you the list of the best secure browsers on the market right now. The listing is not in any particular order, and surely there might be some secure browsers we might miss, but this is an indication of what we mean by the most secure web browser.

  1. Comodo Dragon/ Ice Dragon

The browser has continued their drive and improvement into the Dragon safest browser. The company has added some new features including the SecureDNS servers for every application on it. The browser also has a virtualized mode which enables it to isolate from the host system. It’s a free feature which needs the user to install the Comodo Internet Security, which is the antivirus of the company.

The problems with the browser are that it is parallel to the Chrome or Firefox browser without the tracking abilities and the extra layers of security.

  1. Tor

Tor browser used for various anti-surveillance terms and groups because of its popularity. This is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux PC, but other people also use a USB stick. Tor is more of an advanced privacy browser because it does not have anti-malware plugins or anything related. If you wanna keep your data private and anonymize it then this is the browser to go with.

One of the downsides of using the Tor browser is that it needs you to use its full privacy potential rather and it tends to be slower than other browsers.

  1. Dooble

This is a browser that has been leaning on the Chromium multi-platform, which includes Windows, Linux, and the OS X, but it is not for everyone. The browser can disable the various interfaces which are not secure on a browser such as Flash and Javascript. So, in turn, makes it hard to use for many sites. Dooble works incognito from the beginning, and HTTPS is enforced while cookies are blocked in iFrames.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

In the list of top secure browsers, this is a browser plugin more than a browser but it goes a long way into ensuring that users can enforce the adept SSL security when it’s possible on the Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. The process of enabling HTTPS on the browser is easy as without it, it would be difficult to enable HTTPS on a common website.

No downsides which are to note for the plugin.

  1. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy browser is highly regarded in the secure browsers category. It uses a minimalist Chrome to give the user an experience which is free of snooping. The firm has their servers which receive data and they can proxy it there. It also prioritizes the SSL connections and it does not collect user data, and it comes with perfect built-in ad blocking.

However, the safe browser doesn’t seem to have a malware or anti-phishing protection which are now on most of the secure browsers out there.

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Most Secure Browsers in Year 2017