November 1, 2016 safeguard your Dropbox account

7 Best Ways to Safeguard Your Dropbox Account

Your Dropbox account is vulnerable to attacks. The vulnerability of your account does not mean that your service provider is doing a shoddy job. On the contrary, many experts consider Dropbox as one of the companies highly committed to securing the data and accounts of their clients. However, in the current age, new cyber threats are emerging. Therefore, many devices and applications can quickly become targets of attacks. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary measures to safeguard your Dropbox account.

safeguard your Dropbox account
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7 Ways to Safeguard your Dropbox Account

Here are some of the things you can do to safeguard your Dropbox account:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication

This process, also known as two-step verification, can be used to safeguard your Dropbox account. If you enable it, you must enter your password, username, and a secret code that is sent to your mobile device to use the account. If you log in without these pieces of information whenever you want to update or access your account, you will be denied access to it.

  1. Use multiple-layered security

Two-factor authentication is part of the multiple-layer security strategy. Under this approach, you need to use several anti-malware programs and applications to protect yourself. You may have to use a firewall and special browser plugins to protect your data and browser, for example. You may also have to use specific programs to protect specific aspects of your system. The result of this process is that you protect your device, data and the login credentials that you use for your multiple online accounts.

  1. Remove the devices you don’t use

Your settings page contains a Security tab that you can use to view other devices that can access your Dropbox account. If there are logged in computers, tablets, and other devices, remove these devices if you hardly use them.

In addition to these unused devices, you can also view other people that are accessing your account without authorization. The presence of unauthorized users shows your security is no longer perfect. That is a warning for you to take immediate action against loss of data.

  1. Get email notification

Enable email notification is a very important security measure. You should enable the feature on your Dropbox browser. This way, you will get notifications whenever new apps and devices access your Dropbox account. This way, you will be abreast of any intrusion into your account, which will prompt you to take other necessary steps to prevent your data from theft.

  1. Encrypt your files

This is perhaps the best way to secure your data not only in Dropbox but also on many other applications that you use. If you encrypt your data on Dropbox, you will see that some of the suggested security measures above may be ineffective at ensuring that your Dropbox account is safe. It is important that you encrypt all the files you intend saving in your account so that criminals do not steal them. Any breach of security will only present a set of meaningless data because nobody can read the encrypted data without using the encryption key. Hence, your data is secure.

  1. Use new password

It is very convenient to use a password you are already using for other accounts for your Dropbox account. Resist this temptation. You must use a new and strong password when creating your account to ensure its security.

In addition to using new passwords, remember to create passwords that are very strong. Very strong passwords are those that contain lower and upper case letters, special characters and even numbers. Such passwords are quite reliable in that no one can guess them easily. Although you may find it hard to remember them easily at first, you need to make sure that your passwords are strong all the same.

  1. Keep your device secure

There are very many things you can do to keep your device safe. One of them is to make sure that all the software that you have on the device are up to date. Also, remember to use an active antivirus program. By keeping your device secure, you will be limiting the chances of hackers accessing your Dropbox account via your device.

In conclusion, you can use these seven simple methods to safeguard your Dropbox account at all times. The most important thing is to ensure that you take precautions when handling your log in details. You also need to make sure that the devices you use to access your Dropbox account are safe.

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