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6 Simple Steps to Remove Viruses from an Android Device

Remove Viruses from an Android Device

Android devices can also have viruses. In general, it is difficult for viruses to infect Android mobile devices. This is the case because users of Android devices usually download all their apps from the Google Play store. However, there are instances in which viruses find their way into Android devices. If you believe that your Android device has a virus infection, you should follow this procedure to remove the virus and ensure that your device is clean.

Remove Viruses from an Android Device
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How viruses get into Android devices

Viruses get into Android devices when you download apps from suspect sites. You should download all your apps from Google Play store. All the apps that are on Google play store are completely safe. However, if you download apps from a different place, you may easily infect your device with malware programs.

At times, you will see adverts telling you that your device has malware programs that are interfering with its functionality. More often than not, this is a trick that may lead you into downloading real malware programs. Therefore, you will keep your device safer if you avoid downloading apps outside Google Play store.

How to remove viruses from an Android device

If your device has a virus, you can successfully remove viruses from an Android device by following this process:

Step one: putting your device on safe mode

This is the first and most important step in the process of removing viruses from your Android device. You should put your device on the safe mode in order to prevent any other app from running. It is only when you have your device on the safe mode that you can easily manage to locate and remove any malware programs that are running on it.

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In general, it is easy to put your phone on the safe mode. You may have to press the power button once to access several options related to power.

Step two: accessing the apps

You will have to access all the apps that are on your device. At this stage, you will have to go to the settings option on your device and choose the option that lets you view all the apps that are on your device. Once you access all the apps, you will be able to choose the specific apps that you believe have malware programs. You do not have to know the specific names of all the malware programs that are on your device. In most cases, you should focus on the apps that have funny names. Also, you can easily identify the apps that you did not install on your device.

Step three: Uninstall the virus

At this stage, you will have to uninstall all the apps that you believe contain malicious malware programs. You will have to tap on specific apps and then choose the option that lets you to uninstall them. Once you do this, you will have successfully removed the virus from your Android mobile device. However, remember that in some cases, you may have to go two or more steps further to successfully remove the virus program.

Step four: go to the administrator status feature

Some virus programs behave like special programs that have administrator status on your device. Such applications remain active for a long time. Besides, you may not remove them that easily. However, by accessing the administrator feature, you will be able to access all the special apps on your device.

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Here, you will have to choose all the apps that you would like to remove from the list of special apps. Once you remove the suspect apps from the list of administrator apps, you will then find it easy to remove them.

Step five: restarting your device

You will have to reboot your device for the new changes to take place. Once you restart your device, you will see that all the suspect apps are no longer available. You may also take the opportunity to install a good antivirus program on your phone. There are very many antivirus programs that work well on Android mobile phones. You can choose a good program in order to protect your Android device against viruses in the future.

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