October 7, 2016 PureVPN Review

PureVPN Review

You probably know a few fundamental things about PureVPN. Most likely, you are aware that you can use the service to surf the web anonymously and access media content that the streaming companies block in specific regions. However, you may not be aware of how PureVPN compares with other virtual private networks in the market. In this PureVPN review, we seek to analyze how VPN compares with other similar VPNs in the market.



  • The service has improved in the manner in which older services operate.
  • It has a very extensive network of servers in many countries in different parts of the world.
  • The pricing of the service is comparatively cheaper.


  • It is hard for the service to compete effectively with older services since the older services have established their reputation in the market.
  • The customer support service of VPN is not as good as one would expect it to be.

Full PureVPN Review


VPN lets you access the internet relatively fast and do so without leaving a trace of your activities. The service is very strong regarding speed. One of the reasons that explain why the service is very fast is that it has unique features that detect servers located nearest to the users. Therefore, when you are using the service, the special feature automatically connects you to the best server closest to you. The service also lets you connect several devices at the same time and share files with your fellow users. Apparently, the company running this service seeks to provide you with top-notch VPN services.


purevpn-priceIf you choose to use this service for only one month, you will pay $9.95. The amount of money that you will pay when you decide to use this service for six months or even for a year is much lower when you calculate it in terms of what you will pay per month. Therefore, many users find it beneficial to choose the six-month or twelve-month plans. More so, we find it necessary to mention that the company running this service can allow you to use it on a trial basis for seven days. We think that this is not an industry standard and that there is nothing special about it.


One of the things that define the success of PureVPN is the number of servers that the service uses. Since it started back in 2006, the service now has a very large of servers that it uses. More importantly, the servers of the company are in very different locations. You will find the servers located in countries in Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The strong server network of the company enables the company to serve all its customers in different parts of the world very well.


We examined the way the company encrypts the data that you send and receive when using the service. In our opinion, the manner in which the company uses highly sophisticated encryption protocol on your data speaks volumes about the commitment of the company to offering you the most secure virtual private network ever. We cannot say that PureVPN is the best virtual private network service that is on the market at the current time, but what we know is that you can count on the way the company uses high-grade encryption to keep your data secure.

Web App

PureVPN has a wonderful website on which you can access your account and get all the information about the service that you need. We do not hold anything about the design and functionality of the website. In our opinion, we find that the website has a good design and that when you are using it, you will get all the information that you need within a very short time.


purevpn-compatibilityPureVPN is compatible with very many devices. The service works well with devices that run on the iOS platform. You can also use the service on devices that run on the Windows platform. Therefore, the manner in which the service works with a wide range of products is another positive attribute of the service in the eyes of users.

Payment Options

Once you choose the most suitable plan, you can pay for the service using any credit card. You can also use any of the many online payment options available nowadays.

Customer Support

The company has a customer service team in place. However, we do not find anything special about the way the team operates. We think that the customer support service of the company is average.

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  1. PureVPN means PureScammingVPN. It will all start fine until you encounter an issue with them, then they’ll leave you hanging as if you didn’t pay for anything. Refund? Ha, even the gods won’t be able to help you.

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