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Ways And Tools To Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online
Protect Yourself Online
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If you ask anyone right now what they would take on a deserted island, and the Internet was an option, nine out of ten times they would say the Internet. Why? Because it has become one of the necessities of the 21st-century people can’t live without it anymore.

A moving encyclopedia, a roaring mobile platform for information, a communication channel, the web has taken so many forms over the past few years, living without it now seems like an impossibility. Every time our Wifi goes off, we start to cringe and can’t wait for the next hour or so until the repair man gets in. That is the importance that Internet has taken in our lives.

We have also started trusting the Internet with everything we do. More and more business deals are being conducted online, contracts are being signed online, and people are interviewing for potential jobs there. There is not one thing that you do per day that somehow will not require the Internet. Is it not the recipe that you saw the other day that you are going to look for. Or the name of the movie with that other guy from that series, How I Met Your Mother.

But us being humans, we just have to create problems for ourselves sometimes. The Internet has become a risky venture. Everywhere you go, you have to be a vigilante. If not hackers, then for malware, phishing attacks, and all the other nonsense. Protection on the Internet has become one of the main debating points over the past few years. As such people are supposed to take measures to protect themselves on the Internet. Why? Because of the following.

Dangers of The Internet

As already established the Internet contains some monsters, but what or who are they?

  • Hackers – these are the ones who start every attack. Every malware, phishing attack, and data theft have to be done by someone, and these are the hackers. That is why I will also add phishing attacks and malware
  • Data Leakage – this is a simple matter of losing your data from your device. Unacceptable.

There are so many monsters on the Internet and I would rather on ways to protect yourself online.

Ways to Protect Yourself Online For Free

Luckily there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself online from all this harm. There are some efficient, convenient and yet simple guidelines to protect yourself on the big World Wide Web.

  1. Great and Strong Password – how about you just make it hard for the hacker who wants to get into your account by simply creating a strong password. Throw in some symbols, numbers upper case and lower case letters. Only that way can you put a layer of protection for yourself. Remember to write down your password if it’s going to be tough to remember, but you will sleep knowing all is well.
  2. Don’t Click on Everything – do not click on links or websites you don’t understand. Nowadays those are the places where the malware is hidden. Be clever and follow reputable websites and links.
  3. Public Wifi No-No – understand that it’s not every public Wifi you see that you need to connect to. If hackers can infect private Wifi’s, imagine what they would do with a public Wifi. Just in case you really need the Internet and you connect to a public network try not to send private information through it.
  4. Online Shopping Safety – online shopping is efficient and convenient for all of us. You don’t need to dress up for it or anything. Well, there are dangers out there also, and it’s best to check if the site is SSL protected when you are purchasing your stuff.
  5. Monitor Your Kids – sometimes after being so vigilant and careful, it’s not you who causes a problem. That is why it is important to check if your kids are also aware of the dangers that are present from surfing the Internet without caution. If possible teach them also.

And after that here is some software available online, which can be used for free to protect yourself online.

  1. VirusTotal – free services that analyze your computer for any bugs.
  2. Last Pass – enables you to store all your passwords in one vault which means you can choose different passwords for each
  3. LongURL – every single URL you get can be checked here to check its validity.
  4. Cryptocat – advanced encryption while you communicate online with others for free.
  5. Privacy Badger – an add-on to your browser that helps prevent tracking and ads.
  6. HTTPS Everywhere – it’s a feature which makes sure you are protected as you only have to visit the ever so secure HTTPS websites.
  7. The Guardian Project – promotes private communication. Chat with anyone and not be worried about anything.
  8. Wickr – this is a top free and secret messenger service.
  9. Signal – an iPhone app used to protect users when they are on calls or sending and receiving messages.
  10. GPG – allows users to protect their emails and also browse via encryption online.

If you want to protect yourself online, check these tools because they will definitely help.

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