November 13, 2016 Protect Your LinkedIn Account

How to Protect Your LinkedIn Account – Tips

Your LinkedIn account contains a lot of personal information. Hackers can easily get something to hold onto and use against you. However, you can control the kind of information that the general public can view on your LinkedIn profile. By extension, you can control the kind of information that hackers may view if they ever happen to stalk your LinkedIn account. By controlling the kind of information that people can view on your LinkedIn profile, you will be exercising great care about your privacy and security. So, let’s get start to protect your LinkedIn account below:

Protect Your LinkedIn Account
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3 Best ways to Protect Your Linkedin Account

Here are some of the most effective ways you can use to protect your LinkedIn account:

Take charge your passwords

Your passwords can become a great giveaway if hackers manage to access your login credentials. Hackers use different tactics to crack the passwords of individuals. One of the most effective ways of cracking passwords is using sophisticated malware that makes use of a brute force approach. The malware continuously tries out millions of password and log in details combinations in a bid to crack your account.

You can protect your LinkedIn account by adopting safe password management practices. The essence of this approach is to ensure that you use specific practices to make it almost impossible for hackers to access your passwords. There are several things that you can do to keep your LinkedIn passwords safe. One of them is to ensure that you use very strong passwords that no one else can guess that easily. You can use simple techniques like combining letters, numbers and special characters when creating your passwords.

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You should also make sure that you change your LinkedIn passwords constantly. This will help to protect your LinkedIn account since no one will easily access your password. You should make it a habit to change your password after a few months.

Control the information that people can view

The information about you that people can view on your LinkedIn profile is an important indicator of the level of security that you enjoy. In most cases, many people do not bother to control the amount of information that is available to the public on their profile. However, making all the information about you visible to the public does not add value to your professional profile. On the contrary, when everyone can access your details, you risk becoming a target for hackers.

There are several things you can do to control the information about you which members of the public can view.

  1. First, you need to change the settings on your account to ensure that your contacts cannot see when you make changes to your profile. You need to strike a balance between the need to remain relevant on the social media site and the need to maintain your privacy. Therefore, it may be necessary to change your privacy settings so that your contacts cannot see when you make changes to your profile.
  2. Second, you should control the people who can view your contacts and what information on your profile they can view. Third, you can limit the kind of information that people can see when they view your profile. This will go a long way in helping to protect your LinkedIn account.

Check the security of your device

The level of security of your device is a great determiner of how secure your LinkedIn account is. If you are using a device which does not have up to date protection, then you will be risking your online accounts. Hackers can inject malware on your computer, and they can use the malware to access your accounts on different sites. In this case, if your computer is exposed, hackers can access your LinkedIn account by placing special types of malware on your computer.

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Therefore, you need to protect your device as the first way to protect your LinkedIn account. Make sure that your antivirus program is active and up to date. Also, you may consider using other additional programs to protect your browser. Protecting your browser is important because your browser has some features which make it vulnerable to different types of attacks.


In conclusion, for you to protect your LinkedIn account, you need to start with your device. Make sure that your device has an active antivirus program. Next, use the settings on your LinkedIn account to control the information that you want to be public. Third, use good password management practices like changing your passwords after some time and using complex passwords that no one can easily guess.

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