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4 Ways to Protect your E-commerce Site from Hackers

Protect your E-commerce Site from Hackers

E-commerce sites are very complicated. Clients can buy goods and services on the sites. Since clients can transact on the sites, owners of the sites have the responsibility to safeguard client security. If you are running an e-commerce site, you need to take measures to protect the privacy and security of your clients. Here are some of the most effective ways you can use to protect your e-commerce site from hackers.

Protect your E-commerce Site from Hackers
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Why hackers target e-commerce sites

There are several reasons as to why hackers target e-commerce sites. For example, e-commerce sites allow users to carry out financial transactions. Hackers believe that once they can access the sites, they stand a chance of successfully hacking into the accounts of the users. Therefore, hackers like e-commerce sites because they try to steal the financial information that users post on electronic commerce sites.

The second reason as to why hackers target e-commerce sites is that the hackers seek to disrupt the operations of such sites. Hackers may target major e-commerce sites out of malice. Once they get access to the information of users, they then publish their findings. They publish the data, and their hacking exploits to show to the world that the e-commerce site in question has failed to protect the data of its users.

Vulnerabilities of e-commerce sites

E-commerce sites are vulnerable to hacking attacks because of various things. First, some sites use very insecure platforms. This makes it easy for hackers to access the sites. Also, many sites use cloud computing solutions. Since cloud computing is still a security concern, the chances are that hackers may successfully carry out an attack against a site that uses cloud computing. Third, the fact that e-commerce sites have multiple employees means that hackers can compromise the security of the site by first targeting a single employee.

How to protect your e-commerce site

Here are some of the things you can do to protect your e-commerce site from hackers. Remember that these are simple steps which you can implement almost immediately. However, many people take them for granted. Failure to act is what makes many people become victims of complex e-commerce attacks.

Use a secure platform

This is the first step you must take if you want maximum protection for your e-commerce website. The e-commerce platform you use will determine how secure your website is since the platform will hold all the information about your business. Any loophole in a non-secure platform may be capitalized on by cyber-criminals to commit their atrocities such as identity theft and other malicious activities.

Use layered security

This simply means that you shouldn’t depend on a single security measure to protect your website and other important information. You must use a variety of security measures that will play different roles in ensuring the security of your website. Some of the security options are installing firewalls, anti-virus programs, and others. Combine two or more of these options to fortify your website against destructive attacks.

Use strong passwords

We can’t talk about cyber security without the mention of passwords. It is through passwords that you have access to your information. If cyber-criminals successfully hack your system and gain access to your passwords, you can’t imagine the level of damage that will do to your business. Therefore, it important that you use passwords which hackers will find difficult.  If you want to create a strong password for your e-commerce site, the passwords must be long, contain alphanumeric characters, and include special characters. Passwords that have these three qualities are known to be difficult for hackers to break, unlike short and simple passwords that can be broken within few minutes.

Give your employees training on security

Your employees can contribute positively to the security of your website if you give them the right training. They are the ones that will handle most of the important data of your business. If they are well trained, they will know what is expected of them to maintain high security. The training should help them know how to handle information and the importance of not exchanging sensitive information via email. You must ensure strict compliance with the rules to be effective.


In conclusion, you can protect your e-commerce site from hackers by training your employees on security issues and using very strong passwords. You can also improve the overall level of security of your site by using highly advanced platforms.

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