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How to Prevent Mobile Phone Spying

prevent mobile phone spying

There have been so many leaks, and cases were public snooping has been disclosed that it is impossible now to think that there is no one snooping on you anymore. Whether it be the government or various cyber criminals, mobile phone users are now even at more risk of being tracked in everything they do. And the fact that almost everyone has been using mobile phones over the past few years has made the job for snoopers very easy. So, we have to think about how to prevent mobile phone spying.

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The phone has been dubbed one of the best inventions of the century, and with the further invention of smartphones which can do virtually everything for people, people’s reliability on phones has made the situation even better for snoopers because many people now keep all their information on their devices.

The evolution of technology has always come with problems. Not snooping, no, the problem is that people have started using the devices for various sinister plans which have made it vital in some cases to hack the phone and snoop on it. But in some instances, government agencies have gone paranoid and taken the threats too far and started spying on the public people now.

So if you feel like someone is following and listening to your conversations, here are some easy steps to detect and prevent mobile phone spying and maintain your privacy.

Prevent mobile phone spying and detecting software

First and foremost you have to understand if your phone does have a problem. The following are signs which are usually accompanied by the presence of spy software on people’s devices, and though these might be common symptoms, their presence does not necessarily translate to spy software.

  1. Noise During Calls – this one might be tricky because it might be entirely due to the bad connection. However, if this continually persists and the noise is there even in places of a good network, then you should suspect it. Get it checked.
  2. Too High Data Usage – if you don’t understand the data bill that you always get, then it might be time to suspect something. Some unwanted apps might be running in the background which means they have been increasing data bill without your consent.
  3. Battery Loss – this is one of the more common signs. If all of a sudden tour phone does not keep the battery as fast as it used to do, then that might be a sign. Especially the older alternatives of spy software were responsible for the loss of battery very quickly
  4. Strange SMS Texts – if for no reason you have been receiving strange SMS texts you don’t understand then there might be something going on. This is especially true if the text consists of symbols and numbers rather than words.
  5. Unscheduled Shutdown and Start – if the phone has been switching on and off without anyone’s doing then it might be a sign to worry.

Removing the Threat

Just in case you are worried that there might be something going on your phone you don’t understand, you can simply go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications and there you can see if there are any present apps that might be running that you didn’t even download.

prevent mobile phone spying Settings
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Other methods which might be useful in such cases included.

  • Factory resetting your phone – this takes you back to the original settings of the phone which mean all unwelcome software will be released.
  • Update the OS – every software unwanted a phone usually works with a specific software of the phone. Therefore updating it might be one way to do it.
  • For those who are well versed in technology, they can try to look for the software files which might be containing the spy app. This is something that tech savvy people would have to do,

Measures to Prevent mobile phone spying

  • Always put the Password Lock feature.
  • Go further and download the Password App.
  • A mobile security app is also needed.

Through these measures, you can help yourself to stop being spied on.

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