6 Common Password Mistakes that can Compromise Your Security

You use passwords as a way of safeguarding your safety. Your passwords support other security measures such as using different types of anti-malware programs to ensure that you secure your data and privacy.

Password Mistakes
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6 Common Password Mistakes

This is the reason why hackers are constantly looking for ways to access your passwords. Funny enough, you may be making things very easy for hackers. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you may be making which make it easy for hackers to access your passwords.

Mistake 1: Using short passwords

If you prefer using short passwords so that you can remember them with ease, then know that you are making a terrible mistake. Hackers usually use a form of attack known as the brute force approach when attempting to guess passwords. Special software programs try all manner of combinations as a way of cracking the passwords of unsuspecting people. When you use a very short password, you make things very easy for brute force attacks. However, if you add a few characters to your password to make it longer than the common four-character passwords, you improve your safety.

Mistake 2: Not combining numbers, letters, and symbols in your password

Good passwords usually have many characters. In practice, passwords that have more than six characters are generally good. Better passwords often combine letters or symbols. When you make a password that combines letters and symbols, you make it difficult for hackers to crack it. Now, the best passwords are those which combine letters, numbers and special characters.

Look at this example, mniamaiwbbi20001ik!swiy?

You can see that the password is not only long but also makes use of numbers and special characters. It is almost impossible for any hacking attempt to guess such a password successfully. Therefore, failing to use numbers, letters and special characters in your passwords is a common mistake that can compromise your security.

Mistake 3: Using your personal information in your passwords

Do not use your personal information in your passwords. Some people are even bold enough to use their real names as part of their passwords. You may have seen passwords which are merely inverted personal names with the dates of birth of the owners in them! If you do this, you may find it very easy and convenient to remember your password at any time. However, you will be risking becoming an easy target for hackers. Hackers can access a lot of information about you on the web. For starters, they try to play with your personal details to see if they can crack your password. By now, you see how easy it is for hackers to crack your password if you use passwords related to your personal details.

Mistake 4: Using very easy passwords

Some people are reckless enough to use, 987654321 as their password. Still, others may try to use, zxcvbnm as their password. (I guess you know where this one is from)!

Using very simple passwords may be convenient to you. Interestingly, it is also convenient to hackers and other cyber criminals who spend hours every day trying to crack passwords. As much as you should use passwords which you can remember easily, do not oversimplify things. In fact, the best approach to creating and using passwords is to balance between complexity and simplicity. You need to create very strong and complex passwords but also make sure that the passwords are very easy for you to remember.

Mistake 5: Using the default password

If you buy a device which has a default password, make a point of changing the password immediately. Hackers know devices that have default passwords. They also know the default passwords, and they start trying to crack your password by playing with the default password. Therefore, avoid the common mistake of maintaining the default password on devices. Also, if you only modify the default password by adding a few letters or numbers, you will still be at risk.

Mistake 6: Substituting letters with numbers

You must have seen passwords in which the number “0” replaces the letter, “o”. Some people replace the letter, “A” with the number, “4”. If you find this easy to remember, then hackers will find it easy too!


In conclusion, the best approach of avoiding these common password mistakes is to use a good password manager. However, you still have to create a master password that you will use for your password manager account. So, the bottom-line is that you should avoid committing these common password mistakes.

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Password Mistakes

6 Common Password Mistakes that can Compromise Your Security