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Panda Antivirus Pro Review

Panda Antivirus Pro review

Panda Antivirus Pro is one of the most established antivirus software programs in the market. In this Panda Antivirus Pro review, we look at specific features of this product and how it performs in comparison with its peers.

Panda Antivirus Pro review


  • Panda Antivirus Pro detects and removes nearly all known and new malware.
  • The price of the program is very competitive when compared to what other similar programs charge.
  • It is easy to install the program on your device and maintain it.


  • Results of the AV-Test which show that the antivirus can successfully detect and remove malware may not cover completely new malware types.
  • Panda Pro Antivirus consumes a lot of computing resources on the device on which it runs.

Full Panda Antivirus Pro Review


We do not find anything unusual in the manner in which Panda Antivirus Pro works. The program works by detecting and deleting all the common types of malware that exist today. However, it is important to note that this particular product showed a significant ability to identify and successfully neutralize different types of malware. Notably, Panda Antivirus works well to protect clients against the keyloggers, worms, and common computer virus programs. In addition to this, Panda Antivirus Pro has a built-in firewall that adds a layer of security and privacy for clients.


panda-antivirus-pro-pricePanda Antivirus Pro has several pricing plans. The cheapest plan, which covers one PC for one year, costs $39.99. The most expensive plan costs $129.99 per year. The plan covers ten PCs. Other plans include the five PCs’ plan which costs $79.99 for one year and the three PCs’ plan that costs $49.99 for a year. We do not find anything peculiar about these pricing plans in general; they are similar to those that many other competing services use. However, few antivirus companies have the 10 PCs plan.


Three features define the high level of security that this program offers clients. The first one is the Panda USB Vaccine which scans all USB removable inserted into the device. The feature protects your device from USB-transmitted infections. The second feature, Panda Cloud Technology, enhances your security by constantly scanning the internet for new and emerging threats. The third feature, Panda Safe Browser, protects your browser from typical browser-based attacks such as advertisement-related malware and spyware.


In general, Panda Antivirus Pro consumes a considerable amount of resources. Particularly, when carrying out full system scans, the program ends up slowing your computer. However, changes in the technical features of the service are helping things. For example, the database of malware of the program is cloud-based. Therefore, the program runs faster and uses less resource nowadays.

Web App

The website of the service is highly functional. There are tabs at the top of the site that let you carry out the most important tasks very fast. Also, we find that the website of the service has a better design that those of many other peer services.


Panda Antivirus Pro is compatible with a broad range of devices. You can use the program on your devices that run on the recent versions of the Windows Operating System.

Payment Options

Panda Antivirus Pro accepts different payment methods. You can use different types of credit cards and online wallets. Besides, the payment process is smooth and secure.

Customer Support

You can get technical support from the client support team of the service. You can chat with the representatives, use the ticketing feature or call them. All these methods work quite efficiently.

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