• access P2P file sharing sites safely


    Access P2P File Sharing Sites Safely – A Detailed Guide

    P2P file sharing sites allow you to access all manner of content free of charge. You can download your favourite movies, music videos and other types of content from these sites at no cost. Given the open nature of P2P file sharing sites, it follows that you face many dangers when you access the sites. […]

  • Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data


    Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data

    In an interesting twist of events, hackers have managed to hack into the security system of Darkode, an infamous malware and hacking tools marketplace. Reports indicate that the hacking site suffered a massive attack after hackers managed to breach its security features and access the data of nearly all the individuals who use the site. […]

  • Best iPhone Antivirus Programs


    6 Best iPhone Antivirus Programs for the Year 2017

    You need to be careful when getting a best iPhone antivirus for your mobile. Apple sells you the iPhone after it has already installed a root password that you cannot change. What this means is that, if need be, iPhone can have deep access to the data that you store on your iPhone. Interestingly, antivirus […]

  • Best Spyware for Android 2017


    4 Best Spyware for Android 2017 – Android Security Solution

    Here are some of the best spyware for Android phone for the year 2017. Remember that there are very many spyware applications in the market. Some applications, which are free, promise to do wonders. However, many of them fail the basic test of the extent to which they can help you monitor the location and activities […]

  • Best iPhone Security Apps


    7 Best iPhone Security Apps – Stay Protect on iPhone

    iPhones usually have sophisticated security features. However, you still need to use other applications to enhance your privacy and the security of your data. For you to manage your data better and safeguard your personal privacy the more, you need to use best iPhone security apps. There are very many applications that you can use. […]

  • CCNA Blogs


    Top 9 CCNA Blogs you Must Follow in the Year 2017

    If you would like to get a CISCO networking certification, you have to devote a lot of your time to studying. Given that networking is a complicated topic, you stand to benefit a lot by learning from experts and your peers. You can access what your peers and experts are saying about specific aspects of […]

  • Best Security Software for 2017


    7 Best Security Software for 2017 – Stay Secure in 2017

    Here are some of the best security software products for 2017. In general, all the companies that develop antivirus programs, as many people call these products; have sought to add new and advanced features to their products. The need to develop new and improved has been in response to the emergence of new threats. Criminals […]

  • best free proxy servers


    7 Best Free Proxy Servers for Unblocking Websites

    Proxy servers are some of the best alternatives you can use to unblock websites. Compared to the other options of using VPNs or Smart DNS services, proxy servers are better because they are less complicated. A VPN will give you advanced levels of security and anonymity. To do this, it will have to encrypt and […]

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