• CCNA Blogs


    Top 9 CCNA Blogs you Must Follow in the Year 2017

    If you would like to get a CISCO networking certification, you have to devote a lot of your time to studying. Given that networking is a complicated topic, you stand to benefit a lot by learning from experts and your peers. You can access what your peers and experts are saying about specific aspects of […]

  • Best Security Software for 2017


    7 Best Security Software for 2017 – Stay Secure in 2017

    Here are some of the best security software products for 2017. In general, all the companies that develop antivirus programs, as many people call these products; have sought to add new and advanced features to their products. The need to develop new and improved has been in response to the emergence of new threats. Criminals […]

  • best free proxy servers


    7 Best Free Proxy Servers for Unblocking Websites

    Proxy servers are some of the best alternatives you can use to unblock websites. Compared to the other options of using VPNs or Smart DNS services, proxy servers are better because they are less complicated. A VPN will give you advanced levels of security and anonymity. To do this, it will have to encrypt and […]

  • Unblock Blocked Websites


    Unblock Blocked Websites Without Using a Proxy Server

    A proxy provides the easiest method that you can use to unblock blocked websites. Essentially, you only have to type the URL of the site that you wish to access. The proxy server then contacts the site on your behalf. Because the servers of the site cannot tell your real identity and location, they end up […]

  • File Sharers vs. the MPAA


    File Sharers vs. the MPAA: a Decade Later

    Copyright holders in the United States, under the aegis of MPAA, have been locked in a decade-long battle with individuals and companies that are involved in illegal online file sharing activities. This decade-long battle has undergone various cycles and still promises to take new directions. It appears that a new battle front has been opened […]

  • what is Dark Web


    What is Dark Web – A Comprehensive Introduction

    In this post, we look at what is dark web, its features and the methods that you can use to access it. We also look at some of the differences between the dark web and the deep web. It is important to point out right at the outset that just as the mainstream media says; […]

  • Remove Viruses from an Android Device


    6 Simple Steps to Remove Viruses from an Android Device

    Android devices can also have viruses. In general, it is difficult for viruses to infect Android mobile devices. This is the case because users of Android devices usually download all their apps from the Google Play store. However, there are instances in which viruses find their way into Android devices. If you believe that your […]

  • Block Websites on Windows


    How to Block Websites on Windows Computers

    There are several reasons as to why you may have to block specific websites on a computer. In general, you may have to restrict the content that specific people may access when using your computer. In such a case, you may have to block websites on Windows either entirely or only for a specific period. […]

  • Get American Netflix on Android


    Get American Netflix on Android in 5 Simple Steps

    There are several reasons as to why you may have to get American Netflix on Android device. In the first place, you need to bear in mind that Netflix streams different content to its clients in different countries. Therefore, the content that Netflix streams to its customers who are in the United States differs from […]

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