• Best Online Gaming VPNs


    Best Online Gaming VPNs – 5 Best Gaming VPNs 2017

    Online gaming has taken on a much more professional form than used to be the case. Today, many gaming competitions take place all over the world where professional games are sponsored by companies to showcase their skill and win rewards. Even normal online multiplayer gaming has evolved, with people now being able to play with […]

  • BBC iPlayer Outside UK


    Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK – Another Simple Guide

    BBC iPlayer is arguably the best streaming service for television and radio programmes, however, a person can’t watch the BBC iPlayer Outside UK without a VPN. British Drama and Entertainment have almost become synonymous with BBC, for BBC has been outdoing its own superior service ever since it has come into action. The ordinary UK […]

  • Free VPNs


    Best Free VPNs – Stay Protected without Spending a Penny!

    People today have realized the importance of using a VPN. Privacy and anonymity are things that people like to maintain while surfing the internet, which is why VPNs have become quite popular. However, not everyone is inclined to use a service that charges them some money, even though the service is really useful and really necessary to […]

  • Top 5 Fastest VPNs


    Fastest VPNs – Five Top VPNs For Fast Streaming

    The world of internet has as many dangers as it has utilities, if not more. The personal data, privacy and identity of users are constantly under the threat of being stolen or violated by malicious users or government agencies that look to censor the internet. In times like these, the popularity of fastest VPNs has […]

  • Hide your Digital Footprints from Hackers


    Learn How to Safely Hide your Digital Footprints from Hackers

    It has become quite hard to exercise a ‘personal’ life in the digital world. No aspect of your online existence is entirely private. You can’t even imagine the ways in which agencies like National Security Agency (NSA) or Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) can hunt down your private information, but we can help you to hide […]

  • HackerOne Attracts $40 Million, Plans to Expand Hacking Community


    HackerOne Attracts $40 Million, Plans to Expand Hacking Community

    On Wednesday, HackerOne, the bug bounty platform has declared that a $40M Series C funding and now it is preparing to use the fund to expand the platform. Bug Bounty programs linked organizations and companies to hackers who discover bugs/malware and are compensated for their efforts. Due to rising reputation with companies involved in hosting […]

  • Seedbox - Download Torrents Anonymously Free


    Download Torrents Anonymously – 6 Best Methods

    You can download torrents anonymously in a few easy ways, however, doing so anonymously means you have to go out of the box and take some extra steps in the procedure. But don’t worry the extra steps are not complex and are well worth. The first and basic step to download torrents anonymously is to […]

  • Hacker Compromised 150,000 Printers Across the Globe; Sends Notices to Users


    Hacker Compromised 150,000 Printers Across the Globe; Sends Notices to Users

    A serious vulnerability in printing devices has led to compromising 150,000 printers not at only one place or city but worldwide. In fact, the vulnerability was exploited by an attacker named Stackoverflowin, who is responsible for compromised thousands of printing devices globally. Hacker used an automated script written by himself. He was able to search […]

  • Smartphone Security


    Smartphone Security: 4 Solutions You Can Implement Now

    As recently as 20 years ago, it was rare to see someone talking on a cell phone. In those days, when cell phones were simply mobile telephones — and not the multi-functional mobile devices we use today — people stored telephone numbers in the devices, but that was about as far as the information trail […]

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